Here I go…

Here I finally am, writing the first entry to my blog. I have wanted to do this for a long time, but wondered how I would fit in the time to make it worth while for me and anyone who may like to read it. So I have taken the plunge as I was challenged to get it started during Round 4 of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT). Although this is the catalyst for me getting here, this blog will cover more than just the program. I have lots to say! Plus life is interesting and challenging and I like the idea of recording it somewhere.

About Me

Life is in the process of changing for me, I am coming to the end of a 20 year military career, I am a couple of months away from turning 40, I have two young children and a  partner who is also serving. I am searching for me without the uniform.


I have a history with the 12WBT, I did my first round back in Round 2 2010 and then did Round 3 2010. I did ok, but didn’t really follow the program where I got the most benefit; I used the recipes and fluffed about the edges with the exercise program, only with the help of a Personal Trainer I did achieve. During that time I got down to my lowest and healthiest weight and was pretty pleased with myself!

I got pregnant early in 2011 and only came back to the 12WBT in Round 3. This time I am working to surpass my previous achievement. Already, I see better results than anytime before and hope to ‘maintain the rage’ to follow through the 12 weeks and beyond. I think something has clicked within me and I have learnt a few lessons that I will expand on in another post.

Here is my starting point for 12 WBT Round 4 2012:

  • Weight (kg) – 79.8
  • Chest (cm) – 107
  • Waist (cm) – 101
  • Widest (cm) – 109 
  • Right thigh(cm) – 63
  • Left thigh (cm) – 63
  • Right arm (cm) – 29
  • Left arm (cm) – 32

Fitness Test

  • Time trial (1km) – 4 min 57 sec
  • Push ups – 18 toes, 12 knees
  • Abdominal strength – 0 Struggle Street
  • Wall sit – 1 min 30 sec
  • (I didn’t get the sit and reach done)
 A summary of Round 4 so far – the first week went really well, I don’t follow the meal plan exactly, I draw the recipes that will work for the family and I, then try to keep track of my calories, by keeping an eye on portions and giving up the kids leftovers! Damn crusts!!
I kept up with the fitness plan (very sore legs that first week with so many lunges) which I was really happy with. My weekend was better than normal, but certainly I had some lapses. I managed a 1.2kg weight loss (awesome – although my weigh in was certainly a heavy day, but who will know?).
Week Two was not so successful, after the weigh in where I had a further loss of 1.1kg, we all came down sick with some obscure virus. I didn’t eat much for four days (so bad I couldn’t even stomach coffee) which perhaps might help me out on Wednesday when I hop on the scale again. I am feeling great today and completed my Super Saturday Session this morning (Super Monday Session), beating last Sunday’s time by 3 mins and also a short run to get some extra calories burnt off. Feeling pretty happy about that.

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