Christmas comes early for me

Yesterday I went and bought my Christmas present from the other half, the Michelle Bridges barbell set. It has the bar, weights and a DVD (I know this is dumb but I do love the colours!). I am just watching the DVD to see what it is before I tackle it for real. I always find it easier to do if I am familiar already. Anyway, exciting to have something new to do. It is looking great, I love the way Michelle has so much variation in her exercises.

My new weight bar with mangled box.

Only problem was the box design is a mess. There were three sets to chose from in the shop and all of them were busted. You can’t really see it in the photo, but they just aren’t made to hold the weight (not sure what sort of box would!). Have to say, I do like the colours!

Exciting news this morning, I  managed to wear some size 13 jeans!! I bought these when I lost weight last time I did Michelle’s 12WBT before baby #2. They were ‘interim’ jeans which I really love.  I plan to be back in the size 12 by the time I finish. I have a whole bunch of clothes I bought after last time that are all collecting dust in the top of the wardrobe –


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