Weight issues – real or imagined an early start

For as long as I can remember my sisters and I have been told we were fat. It felt like it came from everywhere but more distinctly I remember it from our Dad, all of his family, and sadly from our much loved Nan. Of course, we believed it! We have always seen ourselves as that, but now when we see photos, we weren’t fat at all.

I remember my first criticism of my body on the way to pre-school one day, so I was all of four at best. Sitting in the car on the way, I noticed how my calf looked wider as it rested on the hot seat and didn’t like how it looked. My next distinct memory of criticism is lying in bed, sometime before 3rd Grade, and wishing my tummy was concave when I stood up, just like it was when I was lying down.  Where does that come from? We didn’t have the same influences as the kids today, but somehow I thought that was the ideal.

Although playing lots of sport in Primary and High School I still think I was overweight. But I think I really put on weight when I went overseas for a few years at the end of High School. All the sport I had played stopped and I just didn’t move enough. By the time I came home I decided I would join the Military and had a year to get fit enough to do it.

During that time I think I must have lost about 10kg in order to get close to the weight limit to enlist. I really didn’t have a true sense of what being fit was and baulked at the training to run the 2.4km required for the fitness test. When I was at school I thought 800m was long distance, so imagine my horror at 2.4km!

As anticipated during my interviews for admission I was asked about my weight and how I carried it around my waist (it is always there, still is). How embarrassing is that? Although I was accepted into the military off the back of that interview it really was the start of my weight being like the ‘elephant in the room’ during my career.



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