Wednesday Weigh In and an ideal weight

Not a bad result this morning, I lost about 900g, which was a little disappointing given I didn’t eat for three days! But perhaps that was those muffins from yesterday sitting on my hips?

So this round I have lost 3.1kg. That is pretty awesome, I am happy with that, but need to maintain consistency. I know that was why I was successful in 2010, I just kept going with the exercise and making better choices. As I have read in other blogs, it is a case of passing off bad choices as what they are, momentary lapses, that may damage the battle but won’t lose the war (so to speak).

My last trip down this road I managed to crack the 70kg mark. I am not sure I remember a time when I was that weight, it might have been around that time of enlistment? But one thing that surprised me was that I still didn’t look as slim as I expected. I was happy with how I looked in my size 12 clothes (seriously the only time I have ever been able to buy clothes in a 12), but I didn’t expect how much weight I could still see around my middle. I said to my trainer at the time something like ‘I didn’t expect I would still be so fat at this weight?’.

I had always thought I would be happy around the 70kg mark. Since I have always been ‘big boned’, a swimmer with broad shoulders and pretty beefy, I thought if I was anything less than 70kg I wouldn’t be able to carry the weights required in my military training. Well, that is what I told myself, I think now, anything under 70kg requires heaps of work and commitment, perhaps I just didn’t want to go there?

So what is my ideal weight? Depending on the chart you use, it is anything between 70-60kg. I have never been a fan of the BMI charts, I think they are a little skewed against muscly people (which I always considered myself). Having said that, they are used in the military medical assessments as a guide and pretty much everywhere else. It meant that even when I was at my fittest throughout my career, passing all fitness tests I would always be lectured on my weight during annual check ups with the Doctor. That was always fun.

With all of that in mind, I need to work out what my real goal is going to be? Currently I am working towards 70kg in this round. I think it is achievable, certainly if I continue to progress at this rate. At least I have extended my goal from my first crack during goal setting – I originally set 5kg expecting I would do the program half heartedly.

I am pleased to have committed myself more than ever before, to have said it out loud but I still hold doubt and reservation.


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