Sleep is a precious commodity

I love to sleep, I realised during my initial military training that sleep is far more important to me than food. If I am sleep deprived I will choose to have a kip before feeding my face (desperate times those ones!). I still love my sleep, but I can’t seem to get to bed at a reasonable time to help me get up an exercise before everyone else gets up in the morning. You see I am really excited to have started this blog and I find my brain ticking over what I would like to record, even as I try to go to sleep. Inevitably I go to the computer after the kids bedtime and cleanup, then before I know it another hour or more has passed and I am going to bed at midnight!

Another late night distraction is my the significant other who comes home from work late and wants to offload his day. Which is fine, except it might be when I want to go to bed (or in bed, struggling to stay away as he tells me the latest). He is a serving military man so I think it is good for him to be able to vent as required when he gets home. My own career means I have an appreciation and understanding of the issues so he can bounce stuff off me and give a perspective that is removed from the unit. A few times it has been ‘sweetheart, I love you but right now, I seriously need to go to sleep’. He leaves me alone then. I have a few reactions to these downloads:

  1. ‘I can’t wait to get my brain back into work and nut out some of these issues.’
  2. ‘I just don’t want to deal with these issues anymore. How will I do it next year?’ or
  3. ‘Poor bastard, rather you than me!’ (sad but true)

I have my alarm set for 5.20am to give me the chance to do the Michelle DVD’s prior to anyone getting up and keep snoozing until 6am or later! I like the idea of doing exercise first thing, purely so I am not distracted (and no one sees me). I am fortunate enough to have time during the day to do it, but I am a morning exerciser and I have heaps of other things I can do when the little guy is asleep!

So I need to work on getting to bed around 10pm. I just have to do it, I make a commitment to turn off all technology by 9.30pm and have completed all teeth cleaning and gumf to ensure I am in bed, have had a read and turning the light out no later than 10.30pm (that is early for me at the moment).

Additionally to address the waking early problem I made a suggestion on the 12WBT forums for Michelle’s tech team to develop an app where Mish has a voice over for our alarm – you can set her tone depending on whether you delivered the day before. The way I am going in the mornings I would permanently have ‘pissed Mish’ telling me to haul myself out of bed. I liked the idea, but I haven’t seen a response from the 12WBT team yet!

Yesterday I did it.

Having said all of the above I did get up yesterday for a run. I didn’t get up at the 5.20am alarm, but I was on my way by 6.30am. Just beautiful day here, nice and cool. I ended up covering a little over 5km (thanks to Map My Run that is a constant companion) in 35 mins. I was pretty happy with that given I stopped to take some photos and did two laps of this awful hill not far from home. Picks obviously looking up and then down the hill.

IMG_0867IMG_0866Told  you it was a beautiful morning!


2 Comments on “Sleep is a precious commodity”

  1. What a great idea to have an alarm app with Michelle’s voice! I love it, I’ll look for you in the forums and support this suggestion ^_^ Oh, and the running route is really beautiful!

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