A personal trainer and a surprise fitness test

I have been seeing a Personal Trainer (now to be known as MT (Matt the Trainer)) since late July at the local YMCA. I thought it would help me to push myself and get some variety in my training. In 2010 I used an awesome trainer in conjunction with the 12WBT and got some good results (for me weight loss was never that successful) losing 12kg over a period of a few months. So thought I would try the same again.

Since starting in July and getting some way to achieving my goals, I then had to take a break for a few weeks (more on that another time). I really only started back into my fitness properly with Round 4 of the 12WBT which started four weeks ago. Now these PT sessions are only 30 mins, but it is a tough 30mins. He SMASHES me. The very first session I did I could have shown everyone my dinner from the night before, so I only went back to see PT on Sat afternoon knowing that I had made some progress with the 12WBT.

I planned to treat the session as part of the Super Saturday Session for the 12WBT, so after 30 mins with him doing a full on circuit (burpees, lunges, med ball smashes, step ups, squats etc, etc) and something like 400cal I jumped on some machines for a bit, using a respectable 800 cal. For a SSS you are meant to be burn around 1000 cal, which I have come nowhere near as yet, but I am determined to do!

So like a crazy woman I booked in another PT session for this morning at 6am, hoping to make the most of this week before going on a little holiday.  What did he surprise me with first thing on a Monday morning? The beep test! Aarrgh!@ Hate it!

The military uses the beep test to provide an initial fitness assessment to ensure recruits have a minumum level of fitness prior to starting training, trying to reduce injuries in the recruits. I hadn’t done one properly since about 1999. So was certainly not impressed! Currently the standard for recruits is 7.5, I am happy to announce I got to 9.1! I will admit here that I didn’t kill myself, but perhaps will go a little further next time.

For the uninitiated the beep test is a 20m shuttle run that gets faster according to the beeps. Crazy people like AFL footballers and extreme nutters get into the 15’s and some higher. But not me!!

Of course that didn’t take long so PT had a whole list of things to complete a fitness test. Obviously he will surprise me with it in the future too. Here is a summary of the test we did and my results (pushups, crunches, situps and plank are all to max):

  • Beep Test – 9.1
  • Push ups max – 39 (32 toes 7 knees)
  • Crunches max – 70
  • Burpees in 1 min – 25
  • Situps with 4kg medicine ball – 62
  • Plank (after all of that) – 1 min

I have to say I am pretty pleased with myself, young MT was also impressed telling me that I am pretty fit with the results. Why thanks young fella! So why is my waist still non existent?!


One Comment on “A personal trainer and a surprise fitness test”

  1. felicitye says:

    Great results, well done!

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