Progress Report

It has been a slow week for blogging. We are heading away next week for Christmas and I have so much to do! I know there are lots of people in the same position.

So the weigh in was not AWESOME but there was still progress I am at 76.3kg now. But as we are at week 4 of 12WBT it is also time to redo the fitness test and measure up. The good news is that overall I have lost 14cm from my body and managed to take 25 secs off my 1km time trial. I managed 4.32mins this morning and I hated every second of it. I am so tired (read still not getting to bed early enough) and my legs feel like they could have a rest too!

I do have a hard time with the measure up part, it is a bit shonky, every time I do it the numbers are different! Drives me nuts, but at the same time, I reason it is an indication of progress, my clothes will tell me what is going on! Thankfully some clothes are fitting better, but my size 12 skirt I am working on is still a long way away.

It really hasn’t been a great week for me, started superbly with my Monday session with MT. But I seem to have had a sense of humour failure Tue afternoon/Wed morning. I yelled at my 14 month old at the dinner table. Scared my 5 year old and made Little L cry. Hated myself, cried some and then apologised then continued with the nightly routine cranky with myself. Of course accompanied by consoling foods, my kids drive me to food. That is the emotional eater in my making an appearance.

Now, I really hate myself for it but it had been an annoying dinner, I don’t normally make multple meals if someone decides they don’t like what I served, but the little guy is LITTLE so I am trying to feed him up. So three different offerings were refused and thrown in various directions, he ended up with yoghurt and mushy fruit. Little D didn’t really like it either (this is the Chicken Cacciatore from 12WBT that Big D (the other half) and I really like. In my multi tasking madness I was cooking shortbread for gifts with Little D and overcooked that (I am sure it was the oven’s fault). But the kicker was going into the pantry and having the recycling box fall on my head! Cue swearing. Now why would it fall on my head? Because Little L won’t get out of it and everything is getting raised higher out of his sticky little grasp!

I am feeling the weight of the season I think. Big D accused me of running a Christmas card sweatshop. Little D had her last day at daycare this week and we both wanted (that is her and I) to do cards for the special teachers. She is so much like me, putting it off the afternoon before (since watching ABC Kids is the highest priority) and then had to finish in the morning. We are not talking anything too hard, they are a work of art, but really don’t have to take that long – see demo photo.


Anyway, I still had her Christmas shopping to finish off (you know, buying for my Mum who hasn’t a clue what to get her) and really it was my last day to do it before she will be hanging around endlessly! Cue more ‘mumble f@#k’ about the house as I wanted to get moving, get the shopping done before Little L sleep time etc etc. I never knew stay at home Mums could be so busy! We did get them done, we did finish the shopping and I did get in a better mood as the day went on. Fortunately my ability to make light of a situation has shone through and I am looking forward to a relxed time when we do get away.

Back to see MT this morning, thankfully it was boxing. I LOVE it, my favourite training by far. Although it makes me work, I was pleased to not have another killer circuit with him. Being a glutton for punishment I will head back on Monday for one last thrashing before we drive out of here. No doubt I will be wondering what I was thinking when I have to get up at 5.30am to do it!


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