A dress and a ballet concert

Today was my daughter’s first ballet concert (likely to be her last too!), so during her morning rehearsal I had an hour to check out some shops without a pram or frustrated pre-schooler. What an opportunity!

Now I do like the idea of wearing a frock but the opportunities to wear them have always been few and far between. I have always been told I was a tomboy so I never even thought about them until the last few years, particularly as my daughter starts to suggest clothing choices (ouch). Plus, I am not very comfortable in them, more that I am not comfortable in my skin in them. Having worn a uniform for half of my life now, deciding on a dress to wear is a nightmare. I seriously worry about going out anywhere dressy because picking out something to wear can cause heart palpitations! Thanks to Trinny and Susannah I think I am an apple shape and have tried to adopt some of their principles of dressing a woman without a waist.

So anyway, I had been looking at some dresses on the Sportscraft webpage (since there is no store nearby here) and had my eye one particular dress for some time. It seemed to hit all the Trinny and Susannah rules and unusually for me, had a pattern. I happened to find one in Myer. They didn’t have my current size, but did have a 12 which I tried on. It actually fit! Too tight to wear it in public comfortably, but it fit. That was cool, but the kicker was that it started at $189 and I got it for $21 – you read it right?! So, even though the neckline is a little deep for my normal taste, I figure at that price I can dodgy something up to fix that.

So with the big ballet bonanza tonight I thought I would dress a little nicer to celebrate. So the drawn out process of selecting something to wear begins and although it was hard work, I was able to fit into a couple of size 12 items (again, not quite up to a public display). Very happy with the results coming along. Apparently my choosing a dress to wear is nothing to take note of to Big D. After him not saying anything, I asked about what he thought of the dress (he hadn’t seen it) and wasn’t it a change from shorts and he said something about the practicalities of shorts! Geez thanks. Awesome encouragement from there.

The dress I wore I bought about two weeks ago on a fleeting stop in Katies with both the kids. It is a very simple maxi dress that is an awesome cobalt blue. I really love the way it falls and now that I have worn it, how it feels on. Having resisted the urge to even try on the L or XL, I am happy it is a medium and fits properly. I often end up with ill fitting clothes when a) I don’t try them on or b) just grab the larger size regardless of how the item looks.

Given my new found desire to wear dresses I am trying to work out what I want to wear once I get this waist line under control. I am searching for my ‘fitspiration’. So I have another Sportcraft dress which I like the look of and thought this might be in the running? I do love the shape, but I really have no idea what it would do to my body. I prefer to have a sleeve (still lots of work to be done on the arms) and a little deeper round neck I think would suit me better. But this 50’s inspired style I really do love.


So I continue my search for my ‘fitspiration’. Thanks to theskinnyonamydeville for her blog on ‘Fitspiration’ I didn’t realise I was so short of having a visual goal. (sorry still working out how to link in the blog!) But I am working on it now.

Oh, and the ballet concert? It was awesome, Little D was so excited to have the chance to wear makeup and be out there on the stage. It brought a tear to my eye, she did great and the big kids were just incredible to watch. I really admire the children up there in their point shoes with countless hours of hard work behind them. Their dedication so young is admirable. But even their pretty frocks aren’t enough to keep Little D interested for next year, she is moving onto the next activity!


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