Holiday drag

As predicted I am struggling here on holidays. I have a number of excuses, probably not good enough to hold any water but they are definite hurdles for me.

The inlaws are here with us for a couple of nights including the big day. I appreciate them coming, I actually like them, but do find it hard having them around, this could more about me than them? Last night for dinner I was running around getting dinner ready, Little L wasn’t happy so clinging at my legs and Little D making her usual demands. Where were the inlaws to help out? Sitting on the lounge. I just don’t think they have much awareness of what is going on around them? What was my response? To have a beer with dinner and proceed to snack on the snickerdoodle I whipped up this afternoon.

The holiday really isn’t as restful as I would like. Little L is restless, Big D is out of sorts, and my job doesn’t change being in a different place. My family (sisters, Dad and respective cling-ons) are here too staying a short walk up the road. Which is great, given we don’t live in the same city but it is hard making the time to do everything for the holiday. Seeing and spending time with my family, exercise, read a book, lots of swimming time, plus look after the kids and mundane jobs. Perhaps that is why I am finding myself up before 6am today, tired, but unable to sleep?

The house is not Little L safe by a long shot, so we are spending lots of time stopping him opening cupboards, pulling things off shelves, going up stairs and turning on electrical appliances. Not exactly restful. The bedrooms are all close together with lino floors, so it is really noisy with the echo. So before the in-laws arrived Big D and I stayed in a different room to Little D. Sometimes he can sleep lightly so it is always easier to not have to go into his room after he is put to bed. On Sat night he woke around midnight and stirred every half hour until nearly 3am. He is then soooo miserable for the next day (as are Big D and I). Anyway, good news is he had been so testy because he has at least two new molars. Enough to make anyone crabby! It always makes me feel bad to not know he is teething, but there are none of the ‘traditional’ teething signs and it is so hard to look in his mouth.

So despite eating my way out of family frustration yesterday, I did manage to get out and about for a run in the morning. I tried to do my own Super Saturday Session to reach 1000 Cals, but I just couldn’t manage it. As it was I got up before 6am and went for a bit over an hour and a half. Big D was tackling Little L and I felt bad to take too long. I threw in a small circuit not far from the beach to try and get the calories up, but I don’t think I really had my heart in it. It was a nice morning and I was pleased I got out to do it. I needed the space.

So with all of the above, I have learnt that I still have a long way to go to maintain my training and eating when I am out of my routine and not at home. Big D still seems to be all wound up after a crazy year at work and isn’t talking about it, so Christmas is just a joy.

As I sit here with an early cup of tea Christmas morning, I am looking forward to seeing the kids with their gifts, some ham, my sister receiving her gift and of course pavlova. The simple things in life are the best aren’t they?

Here are a couple of photos from yesterday morning, hope they are clear enough!

Merry Christmas!




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