Post Christmas Reality Bites

So I failed at maintaining my program when I was away. Seriously failed. I weighed myself this morning and am back in the 77kg range, putting on more than a kilo since leaving home. Ouch.

We had a few days in Canberra where I managed a run at my Dad’s place, not a fast run, but further than I have been running at home aroun 6.8km (my phone didn’t get a signal for a big chunk so I measured it in the car out of curiosity). It was nice getting out there, he lives in the bush outside Canberra so it was beautiful. After a significant time out in the bush camping as a kid, then with work, the smells just warm my heart.

This is the view for breakfast at Dad's.

Then once we got to the coast for the main part of our holiday I only did three sessions, a long way from achieving two sessions pushing the 1000cal goal. I did one with my sister that was a little bit disappointing, she wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t end up going too hard. It was more a help session than exercise. Then I did two runs (the first mentioned in my last post)  and one the day before we left with Little L when he wouldn’t sleep in.

A morning run with company

As much as it was great to get away there are a few key items that were missing:

  1. Sleep – due to Little L at night, an uncomfortable pillow and NO afternoon siesta (normally a staple in my holidays).
  2. Reading time – I do enjoy a good read and I only got to flick through a magazine and start Twilight (from the house I will have to borrow it from the library to finish it off).
  3. Evening drink – to facilitate casual sitting about dribbling shit with Big D at night. We were both too tired to enjoy a drink together at night and generally flopped in front of the TV instead of engaging each other.

The good thing was not being at home with all the normal job lists swimming about in my head, not to mention being near my most favourite beaches.

So back to my failing. My main downfall was with food. I ate to console myself, ate because I was tired and ate to not waste food! Although I had a nagging in the back of my mind I really wasn’t listening and not acting when I was doing it.

It is hard not to run with views like this.

I kept thinking, something like ‘it is only food and how much harm can it do?‘, knowing absolutely what the answer is. It is crazy given I have realised through the past few years just how important food is in trying to maintain a good weight. I believe that the food/exercise ratio is something like 70% food 30% exercise. I don’t have any study to base this on, but it is only when I take my food choices seriously that I have a positive result. I have nearly always exercised but have always been overweight. I call it fat and fit.

Michelle speaks about self sabotage and I wonder if this is me harming my efforts? I knew what I was doing, knew down deep how much it would do to my progress I was so happy with, but did it anyway?

We drove home yesterday with a 5.30am wake up and final departure around 8am. We got home around 4pm I think? We had to make a couple of good breaks with Little L (he isn’t the best for long car tripes), but we ended up with good time on the road covering 530km (ish) with 5.5 hrs driving. The kids coped pretty well, although the last 100km was hard work – for all of us. Thankfully we did it in one go, I don’t think Little L would have been happy to get back in the car today to do a last push home had we stopped overnight. Did I mention out air conditioning clagged itself? I knew we would lose any sense of humour on day two.

It was just the best being home to go to bed last night, another disturbed sleep from Little L last night, so I struggled to get up this morning. Didn’t manage any exercise and even found myself going back to bad habits. Eating the kids leftovers and snacking mindlessly in the kitchen. So tomorrow, I will be up early for the Super Sunday Session trying to get to 1000cal and get the mind and scales back under control.


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