Belated New Year thoughts

Ruth Ostrow suggested in her Weekend Australian column this past weekend, to take stock of the past year by accounting for all your achievements – not what you didn’t do, but those things that are good about the year. I like that idea, I keep saying how there is so much I didn’t do this year being off work, I do need to think about what I have done so i don’t feel like I have wasted my year at home.

As is normal for most people are at home, much of my achievements for 2012 are invisible. They are day to day Mum tasks that largely go noticed, not any less important, but they are just expected to be done. It is like logistics in the military, somehow the water and shitters just turn up. Logistics, just happens (or so believed by Arms Corps brethren with no appreciation for the work that provides all their basics).

So anyway, my achievements include:

  • settling our family into a new state, home, and daycare. Thinking back, it took more than I realised and we are only feeling more at home nearly 12 months down the track.
  • I kept the home fires burning for Big D, which was for him a horrendous year at work. Acting as his sounding board and trying to support him as best I could.
  • I realised that I am finally ready to finish up my 20 year Army career. It took me all year to realise that I would be happy to stay home and not go back. Which makes my upcoming return to work a little troubling!
  • Even though I was late in the year getting here, I got my brain in the right place to tackle Round 4 of the 12 WBT. I did start Round 3, but didn’t finish it after finding a melanoma on my back and having two surgeries to remove it. Thankfully I got it early enough and didn’t need any further treatment. But it really caused a scare and probably contributed to my feeling the family is more important then my work. Right now I am exercising six days a week and mostly enjoying it.
  • I did achieve my goal of completing the Canberra Times Fun Run in Sep, a year after the birth of Little L. In the end I wasn’t that far off my pre-pregnancy time, finishing this year in 1.01hrs. I was so pleased having not quite got in the training that would have been ideal and that was my first 10km this year!

Even though I didn’t tick off my long list of things I wanted to do over this year at home, I have to be content with what I have done. It is no good beating myself up for something I cannot change.

So, 2013 will be a year of research, decisions and juggling! No resolutions really from me, just a commitment to keep working on the next me, out of uniform.


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