Forgive all the webpage links, but I finally worked out how to do it!

Some time ago theskinnyonamydeville wrote in her blog about ‘fitspiration’ and I realised I hadn’t found my ‘fitspiration’ towards. I have a vague idea about weight, but not how I wanted to look. So I have been working again on my goals but mostly keeping an eye on bodies and if there is anything I might like to emulate.

Now obviously, like Amy, Michelle Bridges is an great role model. But I don’t think I could ever look like that. I mean, I don’t have the drive or inclination to be so committed as she is to maintain her awesome form. She impresses the hell out of me with her tenacity. I really love how graceful she is on Biggest Loser when her contestants ‘train’ her. I can’t imagine how she keeps her mouth shut!

I also think Pink is too awesome for words. To see her perform on the AMA’s (see this in You Tube) was truly stunning. She is fit, controlled, graceful and has a great voice all at the same moment! I have also seen her on Ellen a few times and she has a great sense of humour. She made me smile after the Olympics in London when they USA gymnasts came on the show and Pink was bowing down to them. The awe was reciprocal, so cool to see. Here are the photos on Ellen’s page A Day in Ellen’s Photos, Featuring P!nk! |

I have come across a new body to ‘fitspiration’ that of Michelle Bridges mate Gabi Bruce who appears in Michelle’s exercise videos. Of course I had to go looking for info on her and discovered a clip on You Tube doing yoga, plus an awesome picture of her I found here. The link says that Gabi was awarded ‘Best Physique 2012’ in the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building) Australia. Whilst trying not become a stalker I also found these photos of her competing, crap, that is way out of my league!

An impressive Gabi Bruce

An impressive Gabi Bruce

I strayed from my thoughts, but the crux of it is that she seems to be a little more along my lines of body type (that is in the videos, I am not so sure after seeing all of these photos!). In Michelle’s exercise videos she is strong; I mean, unwavering in her control and strength. Just so impressive to watch. She is fit without being fully ‘ripped’ like Michelle. I think I am working towards a version of Gabi. Although deep down I doubt I will get that far, certainly not in the short term. But if I keep my mind on the long term goal, there is more hope.

Really, I want the classic best version of me. Fit, happy, inspired and motivated for life. What do you want?


3 Comments on “Fitspiration”

  1. I love your last paragraph and it rings true here too! I have a couple of peeps I always turn to for inspiration, the one is Zuzana Light. You should google her, she has awesome workouts you can follow at home. Best of luck!

  2. I loved reading this post 🙂
    And it’s so true that a lot of us really don’t know what we want to aim for body wise! Gabi Bruce has an immaculate body!! She’s a huge inspiration to me as well 🙂
    Keep up the hard work hun and you can achieve anything!!

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