SSS and a heat wave

This horrendous heat is really making the holidays a drag. It is too hot to do anything! I managed to complete the SSS this morning, starting around 6 am. It was a good circuit, I really liked not having to use any equipment but I was especially pleased to finish the 2min mountain climber intervals! They rate about as highly as burpees for me. In the end chewing up a bit over 700 cals, which for me is pretty good. Given how much weight I have to lose I can’t believe how much work I have to do to use up calories. I obviously need to apply myself some more?

The good thing is actually doing it on the Sat I can have no alarm set for tomorrow morning. All going well the kids will sleep in for me?

I haven’t managed to do Friday’s core and stretch program which I am really keen to do. I am not sure why, but I have only done one of those sessions properly this round. No wonder my flexibility is not really going anywhere. Perhaps I can get 40 mins tomorrow to lock myself in a room to get it done.

A new Yoga Centre has opened up here in locally which I am keen to give a go. I have been wanting to do Yoga for such a long time, but have not quite got there. I think I would benefit from the quiet contemplative time, assuming I find the right style. The major problem for me is the timing of classes. So as they reopen the studio at the end of this week I am determined to get there to give it a try, no excuses. All going well I will manage regular classes once we get into the swing of the real new year. Fingers crossed for me.

Here in North East Victoria the heat hangs around much longer than it does in Canberra. We are expecting to have 40+ until Tuesday! When we got here last year we were still in an apartment when it was really hot, so we had awesome air conditioning. Although we have evaporative cooling we are all really struggling with cabin fever, it is times like these I do really miss large shopping centres!

Being creative with Little D to beat the heat.

Being creative with Little D to beat the heat.

In order to break the monotony of the heat we went out for breakfast yesterday. Great idea to get out early, except, we didn’t get there until 9am and they were short staffed, so we didn’t get our food until nearly 10am! Don’t they know we are on a tight schedule?! With a 16 month old, we are the ticking time bomb of diners. The waiting time seriously tested us and I was on the verge of telling them to keep their food. In the end the food was disappointing, the heat was rising, Big D and I struggled to keep Little L amused (even with a bag full of well considered goodies) as as we tried to hurry Little D to finish off her food to make our escape, Big D and I wondering why we bothered.

Another way to get some relief from the 42 degree heat.

Another way to get some relief from the 42 degree heat.

So to another 42 degree day tomorrow, what will we manage to keep us all content? I might have peaked in my inventiveness with the playdough reef and paddle pool with balls. Can’t expect any suggestions from Big D, he is a sook with the heat just like the kids!


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