Another Weigh In Wednesday

So it is Weigh In Wednesday and my results are pretty disappointing. I gained a little so I am back to 76.5kg. It could have been worse, I have been weighing myself daily out of interest and I think I was 77kg yesterday. I am always surprised how my daily weight varies so much and I do it early in the morning consistently. Does anyone else find that? Because of the fluctuations, I can deal with numbers here (kind of) but what I am really struggling with is the measurements.

This week is a mini-milestone week in the 12WBT, so we do the fitness test and measurements. I was pleased earlier in the week to match my 32 pushups in a minute from week four and improved my 1km run down to 4.18min (from 4.32min). But when I do the measurements there is very little change or they are bigger! As with the scales, the bloody measuring tape is inconsistent. Now my Dad always said a poor tradesman blames his tools (or should be a poor tradie blames their tools to ensure we don’t make all tradies men), in this case I would have to agree, but is it really that hard to measure the same body bits?

At the beginning of this program (as with other times) I struggled to get under 80kg and a few times I did get under, only to creep back over a few days. I am finding the 76kg to be the same. 

Now, having an disappointing weigh in is not a surprise. It proves my theory that exercise is probably 30% of the equation. Although I exercised well this past week, missing only the stretch and toning on Friday (which I did yesterday after a circuit), I have been having a drink at night, which has been very enjoyable! Plus, as the scales weren’t showing what I hoped, I didn’t work so hard on my food and yesterday, pretty much ate my way through dinner prep until the kids bath. So I can’t expect much more. My food diary is one tool I have to launch again and well as the conscience being more of a roar than a whimper.


The downhill view heading back home

So the food has been terrible, but I was pleased to go for a good run on Monday morning to beat the heat. I wanted to do the 12WBT program run where you do 4 x 1km intervals, but after my 4.18min time trial any concept of intervals was gone. So I managed to complete a circuit near home that includes going up the other side of this hill in the photo. I will photograph from the other side next time! 


A planned challenge, included in the Fed Hill Challenge 10km

Going up this hill wasn’t so pretty, but I plan to make it better! I do have a goal to run the Federation Hill 10km in 2013 which includes this other hill, just to the right of the above photo (so I took it from the same spot). I haven’t ventured up there myself yet, but plan to make it as one of my program milestones. 

There are only four weeks of the program, I really want to make it a success for me. Life will get a little more challenging after that as I return to work.

So a disappointing Weigh in Wednesday, but I will take heart in that I seem to be able to fit into some size 12 clothes that were impossible eight weeks ago, use my food diary and continue to try and get to bed before 10.30pm!



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