Small Changes

I have noticed a few small changes with my body in this round. I think my chins have disappeared (noticed on the obligatory self portraits from holidays) and I am starting to look less bulky around the middle. Not enough of a change around the middle, but I did buy some of Michelle’s exercise tights and they fitted nicely as a 14. I also managed to wear a size 12 skirt from the last time I did the program in 2010 for our crappy breakfast out. That was absolutely gratifying, I know it is working, but I need to maintain the rage (or consistency which is probably more appropriate for my approach!).

Little L and I at the beach

Little L and I at the beach

One of the things I am trying to reverse is the spread of my butt! I know other people put weight on their hips, but I carry all of my around my middle and then my butt seems to creep up my back! All I need are some nylon elastic top pants to highlight how tall my butt is. I think it is coming down, just not quick enough for my liking.

I am trying to decide whether to sign up for the first session of 12WBT in 2013. I have enjoyed this round over the break. Even though it is hard with celebrations, having the chance to do the program when there is some time out of the normal routine, makes it easier to digest. Obviously I still have some way to go to get to my goal weight, so far I think I have gathered the knowledge to do it myself. But I am not sure I have the inclination to sustain this intensity for as long as I need to. The program certainly helps with having a direction with exercise. I know most of the exercises, and have sufficient knowledge to make them work for me. But since I have a short attention span, having them put together for you means I am not bored of it before I start! Plus, someone who knows what they are doing is behind it. Thanks Michelle.


One of the views stretching this week.

Of course going back to work in less than a month (aargh!!) will pose additional challenges with time management. I will really need to be sorted to get meals ready for the evenings, but also packing lunches for Little D as she heads off to school. That will be a challenge, I don’t think the vegemite sandwiches I had as a kid will cut it.

The thing is cementing the program as everyday life, not 12 or more weeks of intense activity. I want to make the five or six days of exercise a week as fact of life for myself and the family. It seems to be working, Little D says she wants to do a fun run like me when she gets bigger. She remembers seeing a dude in a Superman costume at the start of the Canberra Times Fun Run in Sep last year and I think she’d like to hook up! I hope there is a fun run she can try out here locally so I can involve her as soon as I can.

Meanwhile I managed a short run this morning before herding the family out of the house to get the car serviced. So, I still haven’t completed a full Friday workout in, but at least my run went ok. It was only 3.6km but my new trusty Garmin 405 (post to follow about that surprise Christmas gift) tells me I was consistently pretty fast (for me) clocking an average pace of 5.40 min/km, which I am happy with. When I plod along for longer runs I am lucky to crack 6 min/km.

Now to psych up for SSS tomorrow morning, then hopefully off to the movies for a treat tomorrow night. Can I resist the popcorn? Unlikely!!


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