A new HRM and stalling

I had neglected to mention that I received a surprise Christmas gift from Big D, a Garmin Foreunner 405CX. It was really lovely and caused me to shed a tear or two! Of course I had to give it a go at the coast and managed to load all the information onto the MAC to check it out. It blows my mind the amount of information it gathers, I promise to post examples when I work out how to do it!

Garmin 405CX

Garmin 405CX

It keeps track of heart rate, distance, pace, elevation, average speed, best speed, time moving…..it is endless. You can even play a ‘movie’ of your run, where you watch the icon move about the map and see how your heart rate and pace responds at the same time. I love this feature, once I get a good regular running track under my belt while wearing it, I will compare them all.

I am not sure what is going on with measuring calories though, after running for 40 mins to meet the family at a park, I used less than 200 cal – I certainly chewed up more than that!! I think ‘Mapmyrun’ said around 600 cal? Again this morning, the stats are quite different:

  • Garmin for today 7.83km in 48.22 using 207 cal
  • MapMYRun 7.8km using 828 cal

It is a huge difference. Sure they use different formulas to calculate the figures, but I am stunned by the size of the gap. It is a half the days calories! 

Strangely enough I got Big D the Garmin 410 for Christmas last year hoping it might help him keep up the running during what was expected to be a hectic and hard year (and proved to be worse than we anticipated). It hasn’t come out of the box yet! I was hoping to check it out to see if I wanted one! I think I am responsible for setting it all up in order for him to use it! Best get onto that. (I started to draft this more than a week ago, and still, the watch sits. I did start the process by charging it up, but he never followed through with the set up.)

So the other week Michelle posted another cardio video in the 12WBT program, ‘Burning Bridges’. It is hard work, tuck jumps and in true Michelle style lots of lunges, I tell you, when I can manage the whole program doing the advanced exercises I will be a happy person. Michelle’s mate Jacqui is unbelievable. She does tuck jumps like a machine. I watched the video before taking it on and I was stunned. A true pocket rocket.

I continue to go to bed later than I should and struggle to drag myself out of bed to get the exercise in. But I was really happy with my run this morning, doing some intervals and running up the three hills I hit (resembling the Advanced Lean and Fit program for Monday). Seeing a few other posts on the forums and blogs about stalling after Christmas makes me fret less about being alone in this slump. I am exercising reasonably well and still working on stopping the sticky fingers. My fitness is improving and I am fitting into smaller clothes, I need to keep this as the yard stick and not the number on the scales! So my inner voice in the morning needs to be ‘ignore the scales, ignore the scales….’. Then head off to exercise without standing on them. Wish me luck.


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