SSS and more heat

Friday I was feeling guilty after not training on Wednesday so decided to complete the 12WBT ‘Burning Bridges’ cardio circuit and the day’s program Core and Flexibility. Well, didn’t I feel it. The ‘Burning Bridges’ is a circuit video provided within the 12WBT program and goes for 40 mins, it is a real heart racer. Holy crap I was sweating up a storm! I even felt it later in the afternoon with a slightly sore shoulder. Fortunately Saturday it wasn’t feeling sore at all, I was a little worried I may have done some damage. The good news is that although it is hard work, I enjoyed the circuit and felt pretty good doing it. I can’t manage the 20 secs of tuck jumps like the pocket rocket Jacqui, but that is something I can work towards.

A typical view of my backyard workout area.

A typical view of my backyard workout area.

My SSS was hard work. Never before have I donned a 10kg backpack to do sumo squats! It was a strength pyramid circuit that made sure the muscles were firing from overuse.  I struggled with the triceps pushups, I am not sure if I am doing them right sometimes. I know they are meant to be hard so just slip down to my knees and do the reps there. The other exercise I struggled with was pushups with a clap (you read right). I can manage them on a bench but could do myself some serious damage to do them from my toes on the ground! Anyone watching would have sniggered to themselves seeing me flounder about. So there is something else to work towards! It didn’t chew so many calories and I ran out of time to even get close to 1000kg. But I am taking heart in that 1) I did it and 2) strength work is meant to chew up calories for longer.

So now this morning, Sunday, I am not sorry to be having a day off, a touch sore, but better than I expected (but no sleep in still). But I am lamenting the loss of early morning training. It is already starting to get light later and with now Little L is not sleeping in, I may be lucky to get any early morning runs at all. I noticed here that it is much darker in the mornings than it was in Canberra during Winter. I checked out the sunrise times and there is something like 10mins difference on the border here to Canberra. It doesn’t seem like much, but for me trying to fit in a run before work, it is nearly impossible.

I realised why it was so hot with the double workout on Friday, we got up to 43 degrees! I had planned to exercise early in the morning but Little L has decided he was up for a chat and wasn’t happy to talk to himself. We were going through a period where he wasn’t getting up before 730am. That was great. When Big D is off to work I can’t really leave him to manage Little L while he gets ready (that would require multi-tasking and that is not a strong point – this is a man who can’t eat his own food and feed the kid at the same time). I digress….

The high temperature of Friday was accompanied by strong gusting winds here. It was concerning with so many fires all over the eastern states already. I ensured we kept a close eye on the CFA website and I got paperwork and spare clothes together in case something came up locally. Big D and I were in Canberra when the fires hit ten years ago and the lessons of that day have never left us. His family suffered damage to their house in Kambah with a mini tornado that swept through their area. The carnage when we tried to find them was staggering. The sight of black skies at 3pm and the feeling we had in that awful period when we couldn’t find them will never leave me. My heart bleeds for people who did, have since or are currently suffering the fear and loss that these terrible fires bring.


The haze out back of our place

Little D was asking me where you would go if there was a fire, sometimes it is hard to know how much to tell her. We have had to keep the news off when she is around as she gets scared with the stories, plus asks endless questions. I think we will be instituting a new routine in the coming week where she has to be in her room at 7pm, that way we might get to see the news headlines! I know there are endless sources to get your news, but I am still a fan of the ABC nightly coverage. I must be getting old?

Yesterday we had a lot of smoke haze in our area. You can’t help but think of those in the middle of the fires. I hope they know we are thinking of them, constantly….


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