12WBT Confessions and a weigh in

Now I consider myself a bit of a veteran of the 12WBT program having completed my first rounds in 2010, but my confession is that I really have never FULLY followed the program. Often I have used it more of a guide and a loose one at that. That is why my results aren’t as impressive as they could be. So I fiddle about the edges.

I go through the recipe list and pick what I think I would like (and there are now a few staple in our meals from the program) and try to keep a check on my portion size. I don’t plan – this is one of my serious downfalls – but just try to make the best choice possible when I am out. I would kind of follow the exercise plan, but really I would go for a run and follow a session from my personal trainer at the time, occasionally using the 12WBT one.

So my previous success (a loss of 12kg in 2010) I purely put down to being consistent with my training and food choices. I was working fulltime then and that meant I could do my training once I got to work. That is certainly a perk to being in the military, there is a job requirement to be fit, so you have an opportunity to exercise on work time. Still it took the whole year. Although I was training, I would often drop the ball on the food side. Once again this confirms the food choices outweighs the exercise on the weight loss ‘scales’. I had previously said 70% food 30% exercise, apparently Michelle says 80% 20% which fits nicely with the 80/20 rule (obviously!).

Forward to Round 4 2012 and I really have been much better. Prior to Christmas I made some real headway, my weight was dropping and I actually reassessed my goal down a further 6 kilos than I had in the pre-season tasks (a little ambitious, especially with the festive season in there). I was calorie counting nearly all the time, exercising to the program and it was a really good consistent approach.  Rather than mix in my own exercise I have been following the plan much closer and just sometimes adding a little extra. I can feel my fitness improving and it is awesome. I really love that Michelle has put new workouts online to follow. I get bored easily and these help mix it up. The intervals mean the time passes quickly, you can ALWAYS challenge yourself more and they are easy doing it at home.

Down by the Murray River in Albury.

Down by the Murray River in Albury. We took the kids down there for a change from the house in the heat.

It is not all roses though, this Round I have hardly even watched or listened to Michelle’s podcasts! What am I thinking? I pay this money and really have taken such a half arsed approach to some of the key lessons. It is crazy! So I am catching up on the podcasts slowly, making notes for myself in my little notebook which I use for motivational quotes, recipe ideas, blog notes and all associated ‘get on with it’ bits and pieces.

This all leads me to the Accelerator Day yesterday. Michelle puts these into the 12WBT at week 9 to give your body and weight loss a boost. Now I missed last week and to be honest I thought going without carbs was an impossibility for me. I love bread and fruit which are both a big no-no on accelerator day. But I actually managed to do it. I didn’t plan ahead for it (surprise!), in fact I thought I would just not bother since I hadn’t looked into it properly. But I just did it.

I cooked up scrambled eggs for breakfast which the kids also love (minus the avocado since I didn’t plan), managed to put together the carrot, chickpea and feta salad for lunch (yum by the way, that surprised me!) and then did pork steaks for dinner. Now, I didn’t use the recipe for the pork steaks, I managed to find marinated pork in Woolies that were really delicious. It was such a great find for the day. I didn’t take any of the kids snacks or crusts and even managed to avoid stealing grapes from the newly replenished fruit bowl. Man – it was like an epiphany. I can say no and stop my hand reaching out!

So I feel like yesterday really helped me turn a corner. I was still finding it hard to get back in the groove but I think I have finally cracked the weight plateau and was super pleased to find myself at 75.2kg this morning. So that just over a kilo in a week. 75kg was my original goal for this round (I didn’t want to disappoint myself by making it too hard) – I am so close!

I am happy that even at this weight my body has changed enough where I am fitting into some of my size 12 clothes. I pulled my bag of ‘when I get back to the right weight’ clothes from the top of the wardrobe and managed to fit most of them. Some of the clothes I have put back for next Summer, but the bulk of them are now hanging there ready to wear!

I signed up for Round 1 2013 and I plan to commit more. Not so much in sticking to the eating plan religiously, but more

  • to plan what I will be doing. Both exercise and eating.
  • I will have red flag days identified and take steps to address them.
  • I will listen to all the podcasts in the week they are released…..

This is my pledge! Goals to be addressed soon.


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