Bikinis and a workout

I didn’t get to work out yesterday morning. As predicted Little L woke early in a bad mood and then once we had all had breakfast and the opportunity arose, I was feeling awful. I ended up going back to bed. I think it was just PMS in the end, but it happens so rarely it really knocks me about.

So the kids and I headed out for lunch along side the beautiful Murray River, just to get out of the house. It was too hot to do too much and unfortunately there are no serious shopping centres for us to hide in when it is hot! It was great to get out and Little L got to show everyone his great turn of speed when on all fours. He also managed to walk the furthest so far.

This is the River Deck ice-cream bike

This is the River Deck ice-cream bike (is that stating the obvious?!)

But I have to ask (knowing that it might be my age showing) but do people under 30 wear anything but bikinis? There was not a single one piece suit out there today. I saw youngs girls hanging about in their bikinis of varying modesty lying in the hot sun to get a tan. It always stuns me that people just do not get the message about how dangerous the sun is. Having had a large melanoma cut out of my back last year, I am staggered how people are so seemingly careless. Or have warped ideas, someone told me the other day that their Dad (a farmer) has spent so much time in the sun he seems to have become immune to its affects! What the…?

You can be assured that wearing a bikini is nowhere on my radar, never has been never will and for the record neither are false nails or a fake tan. Just saying. I have no idea how these things become a part of normal life? Perhaps a post for another day!

So once we got home I managed to squish in a workout during the afternoon sleep. I was pretty pleased with myself. When I first started the 12WBT website was unable to load the workout, I considered getting dinner instead! But no, I did one of my first exercise videos by Jillian Michaels (another impressive lady). It was nice for a change, but the workout is only around 25 mins, so once I finished it and the the website was working I fit in the first session of ‘Mish On Possible’ too. It is scary how good it feels to be all sweaty.

Another Friday morning workout not going to plan, it started well with a short run to warm up, then a little over one full circuit when Little awoke – typical! I did persevere with him under and on top of me during my plank, but it was all too much! It is hard to plank with an 18 month old making you laugh. So a good hard SSS tomorrow morning, hopefully it will be a cooler morning than today. At 6am this morning it was already 25C. Awesome.

Happy Friday.


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