SSS and Australia Day

Very pleased to have completed the ‘Pyramid of Pain’ SSS this morning. It was great, I was out the back by myself knowing that Big D would keep track of the kids (in fact he was asleep on Little L’s floor trying to have him stay in bed later than 7am). There was a nice little breeze blowing and a bit cooler than yesterday.

I was even more pleased to have managed pushups with a clap (only on my knees though, working to doing those on my toes). Last week they certainly did not work and were nearly dangerous! Although the remainder of the program was alright, I am definitely struggling with tricep pushups. I think partly due to my form. I am not sure my elbows are going back to get the maximum advantage from the exercise, same story with tricep dips. So I will continue to work on these. So another goal for Round 1 is to do quality tricep pushups from my toes.

I did try to concentrate on my form much more than getting the exercises done and I found that I used more calrories as a result. Now an increase in calorie use is a consequence I hadn’t thought about. Getting your heart rate up is expected to burn calories, but apparently so does concentrating on good form. So I was doing the Michelle arms and squeeze for the sumo squats and I am sure my butt will be happier for it (maybe even shorter up my back!).

Australia Day

Always good to have a long weekend, though Australia Day it is not something we make a big deal out of. It just provides an opportunity to catch up on stuff we still hadn’t sorted out over Christmas leave! With Big D and I both being Army, and through my family history, ANZAC Day holds much more significance to Australia Day. Personally, the 2005 Cronulla riots forever put a dampener on Australia Day. For me it put a bad taste in my mouth (especially since I was serving overseas at the time and couldn’t believe what I was watching) and made the wearing of the Australian flag utterly distasteful. Hopefully we won’t see anything like 2005 ever again and people will accept we are all different, celebrate and demonstrate our Australian-ness (nice made up term) in our own way and are fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to express it.

I hope you are all taking the opportunity to celebrate in your own way. I think I will be working on some 12WBT lamingtons for us to celebrate! Enjoy!


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