I have finally completed my first yoga class. Yes, I blogged about it more than a week ago (two weeks?) and I think I have been wanting to do yoga for more than ten years (as a rough guess). Now this afternoon I finally got my backside on the mat. I really can be a completely pathetic human when it comes to doing new things, but it felt so good to finally do it.

I hope to work out what all the talk is about,I have a cousin who is an instructor, she is just so zen(!). All upright, calm and composed. I hope to emulate her just a little bit. Maybe even manage a class with her in Melbourne sometime? Now that would be stepping out of my comfort zone. I really like the idea of doing yoga for meditation and getting back in touch with my body, but I am sure that will only happen once I can stop peaking at the instructor to work out what the hell she is telling me to do.

It was good, my body was grateful for the stretch and I now have a ten class pass so plan to go every week. I just have to work out when I can get there. With work starting Monday week I am not sure Sunday afternoon will be best, but hey, if it is the best class to fit in then so be it.

This could be the start of something awesome!


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