In Struggle Town again

I started this a couple of days ago…..

Here I am back again in Struggle Town. I seem to avoid my blog when I get here. This week I missed Thursdays training session and now I am writing this instead of working out. But, I do have another opportunity today – so we will get to that during Little L sleep time. I have managed to loose a touch more weight, but we will see how I go next Wed.

2bcbc26bde542cd2fa645dc367cbef2cI have signed up to do 12 WBT Round 1 2013 and it hasn’t really started the best. I know this is a BAD sign, but I haven’t even finished my pre-season tasks. Best get onto that! I am really excited that my sister is doing it to. I am really proud of her, it is a big commitment tackling motherhood with two boys on her own. I hope it will empower her after a marriage that sucked her dry of her independence and self confidence.

So I need to work on my pre-season tasks. I am following pinkpenny at her blog where she has listed her excuses and I was blown away by how similar my excuses are. Especially where it comes to the craving carbs and sugars. Not to mention making excuses to buy food for the kids expecting to be restrained enough to not to eat it myself. Since Christmas it has been hard to not eat leftovers. Like most people of my age, my Nan used to get on my case for wasting anything and I really need to get past it. I know that it is a lame excuse but so far this round I am still picking at the kids food.

Why wouldn't you play if you can get arms and legs like this!

Why wouldn’t you play if you can get arms and legs like this!

I would like to introduce a rule of no eating in the kitchen or no eating standing in the kitchen to prevent the mindless munching that I seem to do. Seriously, sometimes without even realising it. It is like a reflex action to munch as you prepare food, or clean up or as you pass the grape bowl. Does anyone else do this?

I have now been back at work two weeks, which is really only four days given Little D is not at school Wed, so I am still not there like I should be. But so far it hasn’t been too bad, I have used pre-prepared frozen meals on those days I am at work and it is working really well. It means I am able to get both the kids home and fed around 5pm. Which is early, but given how out of control they are after the day and how long they take to eat, it means I can get them into the Winter routine of bed no later than 7.30pm. I just have to work out how to reduce the morning breakfast time down from 50 mins (aarrghhhh!).

In terms of managing my time, I am still trying to do a weekly yoga class (missed last week and likely to miss this week) and am now looking to go play hockey again. Up until 2004 I had been playing every season. But then I got to deploy for 12 months to the Middle East and missed out, then didn’t get back into it on my return (because I was trying to get fit again after my return from OS). Then I fell pregnant and seriously wasn’t sure how to manage it. Now life is even more hectic with two kids, but I am thinking about going back! A friend is encouraging me (who I used to play some representative stuff with) and it seems like a nice family friendly club. I do really love the idea of showing Little D that it is perfectly normal to be playing sport as an adult. I think she would get a lot out of it, as potentially would the rest of us.

I am finishing this post Sat night feeling tired after getting up this morning for the first SSS. I did finally complete my outstanding tasks for Round 1 last night after receiving the ‘what’s up?’ email from the 12WBT crew. It isn’t stellar, but it helped me to notice a trend of sleep being a common underlying factor in my failures with the program. To be honest, it is not serious revelation, I know it, I just haven’t done the work to fix it.

So the SSS this morning had HEAPS of pushups of varying degree – normal, mac (hands offset), clap (ha!), mishy makers, step then you did a 400m run or skipping in between sets. I modified it a bit by going for a short run to include my 1km time trial (better late than never) where I managed 4.19 sec. I was pretty happy with that, given my running has reduced the last couple of weeks I didn’t expect the same time as my last attempt. On the way back home I did some of the pushup sets, between 400 m runs, then the rest of the circuit used the skipping rope. I like skipping, it hurts but you know when you are improving. My best today was 120 kips in a row – happy with that.

I squished in the SSS just before groceries with Little L, while Big D and Little D hit the pool for swimming lessons. I decided a ‘divide and conquer’ approach would allow us to get done what we needed to before I headed to ‘town’ for my facial and first ever massage. I was given a beautiful gift voucher by a friend this time last year (where did the time go) for giving them help and stuff for their baby when she arrived. It was a really lovely gesture, but until now I didn’t feel much like I earned the luxury. Let me tell you, it was divine. Just having the time to myself was such a relief.I even stopped in at Lorna Jane and picked up some new workout gear. I am pleased to advise that much of my stuff (which has been around for a VERY long time) is getting too big! Hurray.

So here is to the start of Round 1 and getting closer to 70kg. I hope anyone else in the program is starting well. I am now looking forward to autumn, so the heat gives us a break!

My 40th birthday is just around the corner, so expect to see more about me pondering what is next. So much to think about!


2 Comments on “In Struggle Town again”

  1. Pink Penny says:

    oooh I LOVE HOCKEY! but broke my nose a few years ago. Nikki Hudson is something to behold (I think that’s her in the photo?)

    • buckers26 says:

      Ouch!! I have been fortunate enough not to have had any injuries like that, even being in defensive penalty corners. The rules have changed quite a bit since I played, so I imagine there will lots of laughs at my expense! Agreed with Nikki Hudson…

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