Goals for Round 1 – late but more detailed!

smart goal setting concept

During Round 4 I set my original conservative goal of losing 5kg. Then when I started to get the weight shifting I thought I would challenge myself and made it 10kg (what was I thinking). No surprise to anyone who was forward thinking that Christmas posed a few challenges; and I didn’t achieve my 10kg, but ended up being pretty proud of the 5kg loss. Thereby achieving the modest but realistic original goal for the round.

As my fitness improved towards the latter stages of 12WBT Round 4 2012, I came upon some exercise goals that will take me into Round 1 2012, to add to the compulsory weight goal:

  1. be able to complete the whole Burning Bridges workout but most importantly do the 20 sec of tuck jumps (Jacqui is so impressive)
  2. do pushups with a clap from the floor on my toes (so far I am managing them on my knees with only minor injuries to my face!)
  3. lose 5kg (reaching 69kg)
  4. complete my Army Fitness Assessment with my best results.

Program wise I want to achieve the following:

  1. nail the Advanced Lean and Fit program (ie be able to do all the exercises as directed)
  2. record my exercise sessions to include how many calories and how I felt (I struggle at the end of the week to remember what I have done)
  3. use a food diary 5/7 days a week (minimum)
  4. get to bed before 10pm 4/7 days
  5. have meals pre-cooked or super simple for the first three days of the week when I am at work
  6. do yoga once a week
  7. do the outdoor cardio running program on a Monday (depending on sunrise which is already getting late)
  8. diarise (more on this in my next post)
  9. watch all the mindset videos within the week they are available (believe it or not, I didn’t do this last time).tradinggoals

I think that is just about it for now. Just a few jobs to tick off each week. Notice playing hockey isn’t here….I am still debating that one. I wonder if I can do a trial? How do people fit everything into their lives? Sleep must be the rarest commodity? Sure feels like it to me!


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