On a roll and talking Physical Trainers

Another workout done today while Little L was a sleep (no surprise when he woke before I got out of the house for my planned run). It is barely light here at 6am, so it is getting harder to fit in a run. What is most exciting is that I also fit in my planned Hot Yoga tonight. My first time and all I can say is ‘ouch and invigorating’. Talk about sweat, the room is heated to 34 degrees (I think) and it is much more active than the other classes I took. There were lots of tricep pushups, plank, and whacky stretching. I did my first ‘flip’ (a backwards balance thing that I can’t replicate!) and felt like I was about to break when the instructor adjusted me in a stretch. But I feel great, having done something new, without it being before dawn. Happy me. I am feeling back on the exercise track. Onwards and upwards.

Or for me today, two workouts stronger than yesterday. : )

Or for me today, two workouts stronger than yesterday. : )

Prior to Christmas I was seeing a PT, Matt who was thrashing me for 30 mins every week. I was really enjoying it and seeing some real progress. But since that time, I have been doing all of my own workouts through the 12WBT program. We had been trying to line up a session, but his commitments have changed and he has no time available for me. I had been thinking about canning my gym membership, given I am only using the membership for the PT sessions and not using the gym or the classes at any other time. With the 12WBT ¬†program I didn’t need to get any more of a program from a PT so it feels a bit of a waste.

After realising that we were not going to be able to find a time slot we can both make, he passed my name onto another PT who I will see next Friday. I only have two sessions left and I want to use them now, rather than suspend the membership and find I never go back. I have seen him training other people and I think he will be good, he is also a little older (no offence, but I don’t think people in their early 20’s generally get some of the life pressures of us older types!). I think I will see how we go and then look at suspending this membership and either just stick with the program at home or join another gym. These guys just don’t have the opening times that work for me, not opening until 8am on the weekend! I like to finish my workout by then, not get started!

The trainer I had in Canberra used to have one hour sessions which I managed at 6am, both Big D and I were seeing her each week (independently of each other). She helped me get through my pregnancy with Little L in good form, where I was still running until around 6 months. The hour session really gave an opportunity for her to talk to us both about the session but also about life in general. At that time there were a whole bunch of issues going on in my extended family and she was so great to talk to. I really miss that, the 30 mins sessions give no opportunity for debriefing about the training you have finished or about discussing progress.

So I guess the search for variation in training continues for me. I will see how these two sessions go with the new PT. Then either buy up some more session or find somewhere else to go. I love the program within 12WBT, but a PT helps to really challenge me and I don’t get to pick the workout. Always, good to keep you guessing!


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