Catch up and weigh in

I am back after a small absence, thanks to a technological issues and as usual time management problems!

Things are looking up, last week I did get to my hot yoga class on Thur, saw my new trainer for a session and completed the SSS on Saturday! All went really well. I am really enjoying the yoga and even managed to take my Little D to a kids class today. My class was a little different where the instructor showed us some fancier poses, she is impressive to watch. I did manage my first ‘hands only’ pose that should look something like this…Image  My attempt certainly wasn’t this graceful, but you get the idea. I did manage to get my feet off the floor, so I was happy with that.

The new trainer (Scottie) was kind enough to treat me to a boxing session on Friday nice and early. It was good to be back. He worked me hard and seemed pleased with my efforts, my previous trainer told him not to go easy on me! Scottie had me doing different combinations than I hadn’t used before and made me chase him around the floor to move my feet. I think the footwork in boxing is the hardest thing. My punches are ok (I think) but my feet are just terrible. I hope we do more of it so I can improve my technique.

Today was weigh in day in what is week 4 of 12WBT Session 1 of 2013. Can’t believe I have wasted at least two weeks of the opportunity. Anyway, after a sad weigh in last week (where I had put on a kilo since my last weigh in) my notoriously unpredictable body (when it comes to weight measurement) has lost more than that kilo this week! WTF? So I can proudly say I have broken the 74kg barrier. It might have been my modified accelerator day yesterday that did it for me. I am still letting myself down massively on the food front, so I won’t take much credit. Who knows, tomorrow morning I may be a kilo heavier!

So I effort have had my first proper ‘week’ at work (all three days of it) and didn’t manage to get in my workout on Monday. I think I may need to make that my rest day, purely because of the mania that hits the house as we all try to get out the door on a Monday morning. Now if I was working a normal military day I would be able to fit in my training at work, but since I do school drop off it is a bit late. Prior to my last pregnancy I was able to train nearly every morning, getting to work a little early and fitting in great sessions in time to be at my desk by 9am.

Today I resolved to take advantage of the lunchtime circuit since I didn’t workout this morning. The PTI (Physical Training Instructor) had us do sets of 20-15-10-20 starting with ab exercises (so crunches x 20, reverse crunches x 20, bicycle x 20) three times through, then go and do 20 of the arm exercises (dips, pushups, rope heaves, chest press and lunges). Repeat with 15, then 10 then 20 again. It was quick (all over in 30 mins) and hard work (450 cals by the time I ran to the car). Although I was disappointed with my pushup showing, I loved it. It is satisfying knowing that I have got myself fit enough to participate well and more than keep up with everyone else. I am looking forward to doing more of them to mix up my training.


2 Comments on “Catch up and weigh in”

  1. you sound super busy! well done on getting a lunch time work out in, so hard to do when you feel like you have no time in the day! Also, love hot yoga! I used to do yoga every week but my gym routine hasn’t left me much time for it, i miss it! the bird pose that you put the picture up of is so hard, it took me ages to learn to do it and even now, it’s nowhere near as graceful as its supposed to be. enjoy your healthy living and check out my blog if you have the time 🙂

    • buckers26 says:

      Thanks for popping by, I wonder how people manage kids, fitness, work and supporting their communities and still manage to get sleep!

      My normal hot yoga class is cancelled tonight which really bums me, but I hope to squeeze one in on the weekend. Just have to negotiate a release! Will certainly be reading your blog!

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