Taking up residence in Struggle Town

Unfortunately, Struggle Town is featuring all too often in my posts. I have completely lost momentum, I suspect by the time Wed comes around I will be putting weight on. I haven’t done my SSS the past two weeks. I generally ‘enjoy’ them, but I haven’t made the commitment to fit it in on the weekend. Really? What the hell am I thinking? So  I wake up this morning, snooze my alarm from 5am and now feel like a total lard arse, getting out of bed after 6am.  With no further opportunities to exercise today.

One of my excuses I am trotting out to myself is that it is so dark in the morning. Now, I love daylight savings, but who would think it is appropriate to drag it out past easter? We don’t have sunrise until 7.13 this morning. It is just crazy, I can’t get in a run before work at all. In fact, it is even tricky on the weekend. I try to do my workouts nice and early so we have the rest of the day to get on with what we want to (part of mother guilt and not leaving Dad with the two kids for too long).


Why is this so hard at the moment??

I also feel a little bored. My attention span is so short that as much as I enjoy the 12WBT exercise videos that are online, I am bored of them. It is a little dark to be doing the alternate outside program, my gym only starts classes at 6.15am (which makes it a little tight on time to be home to take over the kids prep before Big D heads off to work) and I am only working school hours three days a week, so it does feel a bit rich to take too long in the work day to do it.

Last week when I did manage one early morning session I felt so good starting the day, it gave me some time to myself to look at things like the program and my blog. So I know I just have to SUCK IT UP. Intellectually I know what I need to do. In most cases I argue with myself about getting up out of bed to exercise and when I make the bad decisions about food, the ‘smart me’ is screaming out to just stop. But I am ignoring it.

Seriously, where has the lesson gone about this being a lifestyle rather than a phase? I frustrate myself so much.

Now, I may be a little hard on myself, I am still exercising. I have been fitting in a circuit at lunch and hope to maybe get two in on my three workdays this week all going well (we will see how I manage to fit that in). I am also still seeing my trainer Fridays. The new guy has been pretty good, he is certainly not going easy and I am feeling sore after every session (in a sick, good satisfying way). Some of my lethargy on Saturday I attribute to these sessions, having to be up so early and being smashed, it really takes it out of me.

So, my resolve is to do an accelorator day tomorrow to kick start me back into it. I will be up in the morning to exercise and fit in a lunchtime circuit (time permitting). I will say no to fairy floss at the school fete tomorrow afternoon (argh!).

This might be a good enough start. Does anyone else feel like they are constantly learning the same lessons?


2 Comments on “Taking up residence in Struggle Town”

  1. Carol says:

    You are being hard on yourself, but that’s what we do isn’t it? As women I mean. It’s all or bust at times. I’ll grant you it’s way too dark for me to go out before work now, so I have been exercising after work, but then I don’t have children living here, and hubby is great and will get his own dinner if I’m gymming it after work. So I know I’m lucky in that respect. However weekends I do a big session on Saturday and Sunday to make up for it.

    I think we are always learning the same lessons, it will be like that for the rest of our lives. But remember Mish says its 80% food and 20% exercise. So okay you are missing your morning session, but continue to eat clean and you should be okay come Wednesday. I will look forward to hearing how you went.

    • buckers26 says:

      Carol, thank you for stopping by and offering words of encouragement. I tried to reply earlier but everything froze on me! I am VERY familiar with the 80/20 rule, but still have not been keeping my eating in check. I know it is all in my head, that I have just lost momentum and just need to get back on task. I did get in my circuit yesterday which was great and I think I might adopt your approach on the weekend. Just need to negotiate a release! 🙂

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