A good week

I am feeling better about everything as the week comes to an end. I got to do a circuit on Tuesday at lunchtime, yoga on Thursday, my PT session Friday morning and hot yoga Saturday morning.

My Friday session with the new PT Scotties was all about gathering measurements. I was pleasantly surprised to have not really put on weight (my last weigh in I am sure was a fluke, so Friday was a good result for me). Having run out of time (we only have 30 mins) he took me for a quick and dirty circuit that really got me working. Has anyone used the suspended exercise straps? They were lowered right down and I had to do 30 seconds of mountain climbers with my feet in the straps – wow, that hurt! Then burpees, situps and a medicine ball circuit, 10 reps of each three (or four?) times through. I think it was only 10 mins, but it was very effective! Later when Little L was asleep I pulled out one of the old Michelle circuit DVDs and did that too. In the end I was revitalised and feeling less like a failure.

This isn't the exercise I was doing, but these are the straps and give you an idea.

This isn’t the exercise I was doing, but these are the straps and give you an idea.

Talking with Scottie I confirmed that I still want to lose around 5kg, but don’t want to aim for 65kg or anything where I have to work like a maniac to maintain it. Strange thing with this whole period of 12WBT and getting fit, is that I am still 5kg from my best fighting weight of 2010 (pre-Little L) but I am fitting into the new clothes I bought at that time. Back then I was doing more running and less of the 12WBT program. I think it goes to show the value in mixing up your training but more importantly the addition of all round strength training.

Saturday morning Big D took Little D and Little L to swimming lessons so I got to do another hot yoga session. On Thur there was a different instructor who I understand does more traditional yoga where each of the poses are done separately, where you adopt the pose, then go to another one. My class Saturday is more Vinyasa style (sorry to any yogis if I am using the wrong context) in the hot room. It is more moving from one position to the next in flowing movements (from all I can understand) and I just love it. It really makes you work and the perspiration seriously drips from your limbs. Today I really noticed a nicer feeling about me once I finished. I think this is something I would like to explore and keep up with. I think once my body starts to struggle with seriously intense exercise, this will do the trick.

I have become aware this week of how my whole life is affected by my exercise. I know that if I don’t fit it in, I am not nearly as patient with the kids. I am frustrated easily with everything. Fed up with myself and the world. No wonder Big D is being so accommodating!

In my last post I was complaining about having time to fit in all the exercise and after a very understanding comment from Carol to that post and a chat with Scottie, I may have to resign myself to less exercise sessions. 12WBT has six sessions a week and since coming back to work it has been really hard to do it. So if I plan it, perhaps five sessions a week, possibly with more intensity, this might be the way to go. Still getting results, just with a little less guilt and potentially more sleep. Of course my food is the main thing requiring a tidy up, being conscious about my decisions and making them the right ones……


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