A stolen Easter and catch up

I can’t believe we are at week 8 of the 12WBT. Weigh in day today and I had a small loss, I am really happy with that, but I think the fact that Little L was vomiting over Easter and I felt more sympathy for him than I would have liked, worked in my favour. Who would have though there was a silver lining to an Easter stolen through illness!

We had planned to go to Canberra and go shopping for Easter, which didn’t eventuate due to sicky boy (Big D ended up getting the bug too), but only yesterday did I realise how much I needed to go shopping. In trying to find some civvies to wear to work, I realised I don’t have anything that fits me! Nearly all my clothes are too big for me, even jackets. Now if that isn’t motivation to work hard and get this program under control – nothing is!

I have taken to writing on my mirror to remind me what I am doing.

I have taken to writing on my mirror to remind me what I am doing.

I did the lunchtime circuit at work today and it was great, 30 or 40 min of strength/cardio circuit and then I jumped on the treadmill to get me up to 550cal. I was really happy with that. Essentially they had a square of benches and mats with each square having four exercises on the station. You started with 10 reps of the first exercise, then moved around the square to the next exercise, doing all four sides then run two laps then do all the second exercises. It was an overload circuit so all the first exercises were arms, second was abs, third legs and fourth? I can’t even remember! But it was GOOD. I was beating the blokes that started with me on our station – it always makes me laugh how men feel completely threatened when a woman can match them!

I remember in my training always struggling with my PT (physical training). It was so much hard work, during my time at one institution it was common for my nerves being so distraught at the prospect of PT I would get the runs. In fact, many of my friends felt the same. It was such a daunting prospect to turn up to PT, when you knew you were going to put put through the ringer. I tell you what it doesn’t leave me with much sympathy for people vomiting or crying on The Biggest Loser!

There was one classmate who was the complete package, good looking, smart, natural leader and the fittest person I had ever come across. Of course he always kicked my arse in PT, but how I loved having to get in the pool on the odd occasion. He would sink like a rock and I would kick his arse! Oh the satisfaction of beating the consummate alpha male!

I am thinking about going to the 12WBT finale with my sister. I think more than anything I want to do the workout! Am I crazy?


2 Comments on “A stolen Easter and catch up”

  1. Curly Tops says:

    The 12WBT workout is the best day ever and it’s free. If you can make definitely go and I have never been on such a high after Brissy.

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