The week that was….

I have been really good since my PT session with Scottie last Friday. Here is what I have been doing:

  • Fri – Scottie session
  • Sat – Hot yoga (1hr) then most of SSS
  • Sun- Hot yoga
  • Mon – run (only 5km but my first run in at least 6 weeks)
  • Tue – circuit at work
  • Wed – (decided on a rest)

Unfortunately Wed, nothing. I woke up to ignore my alarm and didn’t quite drag myself fast enough to do anything. Extra motivation to avoid a session was Little L talking from before six. Awesome. I didn’t get the chance to do a work circuit with meetings getting in the way (geez, imagine work interfering with my fitness regime!).

The circuit Tue was pretty disappointing we had three exercises 15 pushups, 20 squats and 10 incline heaves. We just had to keep doing the mini-circuit for 20 mins AMRAP (as many reps as possible). Awesome, but I could have done that myself! It wasn’t that intense as a calorie burner so I was pretty underwhelmed. Even more depressing to miss Wed!

These meetings are really nothing flash, but they are the first I am conducting since starting back at work. I get anxious since there is still so much I don’t know about the organisation, but I didn’t need to worry. They went pretty well with me getting some of the washup completed before heading home on Wed afternoon.

So I did weigh in yesterday morning but I haven’t recorded it yet, it has me up a kilo on last week. Now I know I have been fortunate in the past few weeks that I haven’t put on weight, given my lack of commitment, but I am keeping on a brave face. I know I deserve the number on the scale (back into 74kg) but it still makes me feel like crap and I start to dare myself to eat stuff that is totally above and beyond my calories.

Some good news is that I discovered that one of my best mates who I joined the Army with has also been doing the program, she has been going great, having lost more and 6kg (impressive given she is probably 10cm shorter than me and I am no amazon). The exciting thing is that we are going to do the workout in Melbourne together for the finale. My first ever true girls weekend. She knows Melbourne really well so has our accommodation sorted already and will take me shopping and for a nice dinner. You know one of the best things about going with her? She just went and sorted it out, normally all of this stuff is left to me. It is such a relief! We aren’t going to go to the cocktail party, which works for me. To be honest, I don’t deserve to go to the party, but will ‘enjoy’ the smash session.


4 Comments on “The week that was….”

  1. sharonseidel says:

    see you in melbourne!

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