Culture and some workout stuff

I took Little D to see the local production of ‘The Sound of Music’ yesterday. Although it felt like it went for a LONG time (mostly because she found it hard to sit still in a tulle dress that wasn’t the best choice and the lady in front was getting annoyed at her) Little D really loved the ‘movie’. She found it hard to get her head around the stage thing – ‘I can’t see the screen’. This was one of my Mum’s favourite movies so we always watched it when it was on the TV. You know, a Sat or Sun daytime movie. Mum would be ironing and we’d be floating around watching it with her. In turn, it is one of my favourite classics. 220px-Sound_of_music

One of the things that impressed me is that all of the people in the cast, in the orchestra, doing the sets, lights, costumes etc, etc probably did it on their own time. I can’t imagine the man hours that went into its production, they should be very proud. It was great to see a full house at the Albury Entertainment Centre, people getting behind the efforts of the local theatre group.

I am so flat out with my life and thinking I am busy I don’t have any hobbies or interests outside of work, kids, exercise and the home! I am sure this isn’t unusual, but I really admire those who contribute so much to the community, either volunteering with sport, charity or wherever. I keep wanting to do more, but find making the commitment just a little tricky. I tell myself I am busy, but really – am I? Possibly not on the scale of some people, but I still find myself running around like a crazy person. Perhaps just to unorganised – perhaps a discussion for another post.

I did manage to get in my SSS Saturday morning before everyone else crawled out of bed. As usual, having followed the workout program, I was 600 cal short of the 1000 cal goal. That was frustrating, then I ran out of time to do it all again or go for a run to top off the workout. So I just took what I managed and left it at that.

My Friday session with Scottie wasn’t one of my best. He got me to start on the rower to knock out 1000m in under 4min (I think). Which I managed with slightly jelly legs at the end. He then put me on the bike to complete 4 km keeping the rpm at 100kw (is that the right measure?). This was awful and for the first time found myself unable to meet what he asked me to do. Now, I am always ready to tell him he has to be kidding when he explains what we are doing, but I just put my head down and get on with it. But on the bike, I could have just stopped and asked for burpees instead (now THAT is saying something!). He took pity on how long I was taking, stopped at 4mins rather than 4km and took me out to do some weights. Of course there were burpees interspersed with ab and arm exercises. We then finished with the heave beam, doing leg raises and finally heaves. Funny, I had been thinking of heaves as a fitness goal, but hadn’t verbalised it, now I think we will be finishing with them all the time – awesome (not sure if that is heartfelt or sarcasm).

I may need to adjust my program with either five or six days training, but having my rest days during the week. I am still finding it hard to get to bed early enough to get out of bed before the kids are awake. When Big D is home late, I feel a bit rude going to bed as he gets in the door. I am finding myself so knackered by mid week it is easy to not get up to workout pre-dawn.  As an indication of how little attention I am paying, by the end of the week I don’t even remember what workouts I have done! So I have a new stick on weekly calendar for my fridge to help me plan and then take note, very cool. Will show you soon.

Here is to three weeks until the end of the 12WBT Round 1, a nutty workout with Michelle and catching up with my best friend. I am working on 2kg in 3 weeks. Wish me luck!


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