Back in the ‘running’ saddle

I wrote this on Monday – just didn’t manage to post it.

I was really pleased with yesterday morning, I got up and went for a run that actually wasn’t too bad! It certainly started hard, but once I was warm I actually enjoyed it. It has been such a long time since I have made the effort to get out like that.


This is where I did my hill run, it goes around to right (where you can’t see) so makes for a good round up and down.

I planned to try to make up for Saturday and work on reaching 1000cal. So I headed out from home with a plan in my head to run the 8km track I did a while ago. Once I got to the point where my brain was saying ‘home isn’t too far now’ I looked at my watch and realised that I had hardly broken 300 cal! What the…? So I headed to the hill in the photo and did a few hill runs. They went better than I expected too.

Now I have to explain my HR monitor situation. I got an awesome Garmin for Christmas but when I use the HR monitor with it, the cal count is SIGNIFICANTLY different to my trusty old Polar (I got it around 2006 and it is still going) – I am talking 100s of cal less. So I have been wearing the Garmin on my wrist for distance measurement and the Polar HR monitor (with the watch tucked away) for HR tracking. Today I realised that the Polar HR monitor was transmitting to the Garmin. By the end of the run, including hill running (in an attempt to get the cal up) I still only used 680 cal! I did use Mapymyrun too and it had me over 800 cal, so that makes me feel better!

I am a little confused by the Garmin formula that calculates cal use, there is so much difference between Polar and Garmin that I wonder what is the closest? Maybe they are both out and might be the reason I find it so hard to reach 1000cal? That is more likely to be wishful thinking!

Unfortunately Little L woke this morning still with too much snot coming from his nose and coughing, so I have kept him home. I had planned to go to work and actually was looking forward to it. Besides having planned to attend the lunchtime circuit, it would give me a chance to tidy up after last weeks meetings. Possibly the little guy may have been ok at childcare, but I am sure I would have got the call to come get him. To be honest, if another parent sent their child to daycare in the state he was, I wouldn’t be happy. Plus he only sleeps once at daycare, twice at home. So I find he gets unmanageable with tiredness. Hopefully the extra sleep will mean he will be well enough to go tomorrow. Then I can get to the lunchtime circuit where I won’t have to drive anywhere.

Big D leaves town for more than a week early tomorrow morning. It is kind of good, I get to sort the kids and I out without having to think about what he is doing. The only problem is not being able to get to yoga. I couldn’t manage it yesterday since he was at work most of the day trying to make inroads in preparation for being away. But I am working on being better prepared and found this cool weekly calendar you can stick on your fridge or mirror (from office works by Martha Stewart)

I will put him into bed soon, so I will try to squish in a 12WBT workout videos (which I did! Earn Your Burn with a bit of Burning Bridges to get my cal to 500). Sleep and food my two biggest issues – STILL. Anyone else still fighting those demons nine weeks into Round 1?


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