PT Check-In

It has been six weeks since I weighed in with my PT. My weigh in this week had me gain back everything I thought I had lost (should have known a good result last week was an anomaly) so I was pretty bummed. Turned up to my check in with Scottie to do the whole body scan thing (just a set of scales with a handle). Well, results here were significantly better than the scale result alone (brackets are measurements of 22 Mar so six weeks ago):

  • Upper Arm Left – 27.5cm (30cm)
  • Upper Arm Right – 27.5cm (29.4cm)
  • Chest Inhale – 100.6cm (103.1cm)
  • Chest Exhale – 100.1cm (102.2cm)
  • Waist Navel – 88.5cm (94.5cm – but I think I had shorts on last  time, results weren’t that great!)
  • Butt/Hips – 105.5cm (106.2cm)
  • Weight – 74.4kg (74.5cm – all that sweat and so little return over the time)
  • BMI – 27.77 (27.70)
  • Body Fat – 26.3% (29.9%)
  • Muscle Mass – 52.3kg (49.6kg) HURRAY!



As much as the weigh in is depressing, I am really pleased with the increase in muscle and decrease in fat. That really is what I need to aim for, I am just not sure really how fast it moves and therefore what goals to set. Any suggestions?

I have been looking a little at Metabolic Conditioning – at first glance boils down to keeping protein in every meal, certain supplements (omega 3?) and eating during certain windows. As much as it interests me, I think I will keep going it alone for the next little while, just to see if I can continue to improve the important numbers highlighted above. Perhaps I am programmed out having down two rounds of 12WBT back to back.

I am feeling under the pump today – short of time to do everything before flying out to Melbourne this afternoon. The kicker is that I can’t find the transmitter for my HRM! Argh! I made sure I washed the strap and now I have misplaced it wherever I took it off. So FRUSTRATING! I need to pack it to see how much I get smashed at the Group Workout tomorrow! Any psychics out there that can see it – get in touch quick!


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