Catching up after the end of Round 1 plus a few weeks!

In all honesty I really didn’t do well in this Round of 12WBT when I look over my goals. I didn’t lose the weight I planned to but there are still lots of positives:

  • I attended my first yoga class and now attend hot yoga at least once a week and take Little D along to a kids class on Wednesday (who would have thought it would be on offer in Regional Victoria?).
  • I am feeling my fittest ever
  • I have been attending the lunchtime circuits at work and been smashing them. This week we did a circuit that included box jumps on the old gym box horse things (I remember something similar from school) – so it was about waist height – and I did them, I had been keen to try them but hadn’t had the opportunity. Loved it, such a good feeling to do it and not just once, but repeatedly for the time period on the exercise. Awesome.
  • I am wearing size 12.
  • My best buddy who came to the Finale Workout with me (who joined the Army with me so we have known each other for 20 years) thinks I am looking the best she has ever seen me. Now that means I am doing something right.

So the scales aren’t telling me I achieved my goal, but I am content with the achievements. I still have lots of work to do on my food – but that is nothing new.

Waiting for the workout to begin.

Waiting for the workout to begin.

The finale! It seems like a lifetime ago already – although I enjoyed the workout, I haven’t signed up for the next round. I plan to keep doing what I have been doing, keep the workouts going at work, see my PT on Fridays, fit in a run (hopefully on the weekend or at work) and do yoga one night a week. But of course the biggest thing is to work on my relationship with food. I am conscious of it, just chose to give in too easily, pretty much daring myself to eat stuff. Crazy what I do. Last week Big D was away and I actually found myself binge eating – I don’t recall having eaten like it before. It shocked me.

As much as I like the 12WBT and I know I will miss the online workouts and in particular (especially coming up to Winter if I need to do the early morning training). Not having the forums to go to for support will also be a loss. But I think I am a little stale, and would like a little freedom to make my own path without feeling I am wasting money. I won’t say no to future rounds. I am attracted to the Lean and Strong program (which is lots of weight training to really define the body) but that is something for when I have more time to get to a gym or have a place at home to set up some weights.

At the workout I bought a FitBit – it is a pedometer on steroids, once I work out how to copy my dashboard to show what it does, I will talk about it some more…..

I have been noticeably absent from my blog. Not that I haven’t wanted to be on here, I still have lots to say, but just haven’t managed to spend the time to make it readable. I have the opportunity today because I am not pushed to take Little L out or do any domestic chores. I had some surgery yesterday to remove a couple of moles and a cyst. After having a melanoma removed last year, I am not shy in taking anything off my skin that may be slightly suspicious. Fortunately I am not too sore, but have to keep ducking Little L and his busy hands! I do feel a little like Frankenstein with stitches on my left temple and a bandage on my neck which means I don’t have full movement. But that will all be gone when I go back to get the stitches removed on Tue.

I will work to catch up on my posts in the coming days.  I hope all those who are into Round 2 12WBT have started well…..


3 Comments on “Catching up after the end of Round 1 plus a few weeks!”

  1. Alex says:

    LOVE hot yoga. How good is the feeling after? And it burns the same number of cals as a jog for the same ammount of time. All good things 🙂

    • buckers26 says:

      I have to say finally getting to Yoga and discovering hot yoga is one of the best things that has happened for me. I really do love it, even when it hurts! I am sure it is responsible for how much change there has been in my shape. Plus my triceps pushups are now awesome!

      • Alex says:

        Me too! My abs are really firming up from it and my plank is getting so much more comfortable. Keep up the fab work! xx

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