A different approach

In my last post I wrote about Amber’s blog regarding her successful experience with the 12WBT, that lead to a little excess and perhaps a touch of insanity! A great heartfelt, honest post. I know when I was doing the program I would be telling myself off if I didn’t achieve the six exercise sessions a week. Sure the program is intense, but is designed to be. In one of Michelle’s early books she talks about being converted to the possibilities of fast weight loss based on her Biggest Loser experience. Prior to that she was of the conventional thinking that slow and steady is effective and sustainable. The 12WBT program is meant to help you achieve results quickly. That is what is does, if you follow it properly.

In various places I read lots of supportive responses to Amber’s post, but also a lot critical of the 12WBT program. Now I think some of the criticism is a bit harsh. Lets look at the reality, Michelle Bridges is taking many largely sedentary people and helping them to start moving of their own accord, teaching them about the importance of food choices, showing how to cook healthily and encouraging a supportive community. 12WBT has introduced so many people to a healthier lifestyle she can only be applauded. For me, I really learnt through that program the value of food. I had been sucked into all the talk of fat being the greatest offender when it comes to weight management. But I knew there was something wrong when fairy floss was fat free! I knew it wasn’t healthy, but didn’t, at the time, place any intellectual effort into find out the real story. But 12WBT taught me so much more about food, it set a really good foundation, even though I haven’t applied it like I could or should have.

600600_670965016250879_502854862_nThings are a little different now, there is much mainstream talk about the evils of sugar and I have even read articles about culling it out of your diet completely (including fruit??). I don’t believe in cutting out anything to be honest, that is a bit too extreme. For me, I am all for cutting down, but I do like my cup of tea with a sugar and if my tastes change and don’t need it anymore that is great.

Now, a friend of mine is a living breathing example of success based upon the ideas of Metabolic Precision  (MP). Essentially it is a nutrition/exercise program, but with a slight difference. It teaches you about types of food in detail and when to eat them. As an example, you have  window of three hours after exercise to consume specific types of food. My friend has been living by the principles of MP for nearly three years, and continues to go from strength to strength. Compared to 12WBT, you have three training sessions a week. Intense, but short in nature. You just don’t train to cancel out your consumed calories. It is all about the correct type of food and exercise. People live by this and are really passionate about it, it was many of these types who so vehemently criticise the 12WBT program.

I had heard about Metabolic Procision before, but didn’t like the idea of being a slave to timings. I think they also use supplements and I have always been shy of them. It certainly sounds complicated, but I think I am coming around. So much so I have kind of committed (an oxymoron I know) to doing a round of the program from early Sep. They run 12 week programs where newbies and accomplished MPers share the results of their efforts for the designated 12 weeks for a cash prize. Having been feeling overwhelmed by life this past couple of months, I did not intend on starting anything new. I can barely plan my life as it is let alone learning a new eating concept/idea. I had been thinking that I would perhaps take on another round of 12WBT early next year, that way I could have a chance to fit in my exercise during the day and not miss out on sleep. But instead I have signed on for 5.30am sessions two days a week and 6.30am on a Sat!

I do feel a bit like I am going from one thing to the next in an attempt to get my health in balance. I guess I am searching out the right fit for my family and I.  I am still reasonably fit, but that has never been my problem. I find keeping my nutrition in check is really hard. I am bingeing on crap food these days and I am planning on the learning process of MP to help be more consistent in my choice of food and balance it with exercise.  The promise of real interactive sessions regarding food and what they really are and how you can maximise their affect is attractive to me. My exercise program will be conducted in small groups and be concentrating on resistance training. Resistance training is the key to body transformation (they say), so I guess I will be doing as they tell me to give the program a good chance. The good news is that I will be able to continue my boxing (which I am really pleased with) and yoga is also ok. So I suppose once I fit in both of those I will still be exercising five days a week! Hmm.

Speaking of boxing I was given the loveliest compliment from my trainer (BS) last week. He has a TAFE kid in there when I train and last week the young fella held the focus mitts while BS told me what to do. At the end of the session he told me ‘I could watch you box all day’. Apparently I am doing alright. It made my heart sing!! Given that compliments don’t come that often, these really make me feel good. We have managed to get started with some defence, moving and even punching and moving backwards at the same time. Awesome. I am very much looking forward to tomorrows session.

My intention will be to track my program on that here, once it is all formalised. It should be interesting if nothing else. I just need to get my head in the right space so I can make a serious crack at it, have goals, visualise, stay consistent, do as I am told….that might be the sticking point!