An overdue update…plus a comment on last night

Talk about being idle! I have just not managed to put my fingers to the keys to keep the blog up to date.

The last month has been inconsistent to say the least. My exercise has been sporadic and this week especially my eating has been atrocious. I am seriously bingeing for the first time (or maybe it is just I recognise it?). I continue to eat because it is there and nearly challenge myself to finish off whatever it is tempting me. Part of the problem is I haven’t been to work this week with Little L getting sick. When I am not working, my exercise frequency drops off and then I eat more. Of course the awful germs have been kindly shared with me, so I am not too sorry to not be at work. My lungs feel like they will come out my mouth with every cough and to be honest, my work is nothing I am passionate about, so I don’t really miss being there, but I have so much work to do!

20130210-201749My boss is under extreme pressure at the moment and I am feeling significant guilt for not being there to ease the load. This part time gig was always planned to take some of the load off her, but I really haven’t had much opportunity. Although some bits I have managed to take off her plate, there is also lots of stuff I just can’t manage to help out with because all the details are in her head, and I am just not there enough. She doesn’t have time to brief me properly so she just keeps it all to herself. It worries me for her and my other half who is under similar pressures.

So Little L is 22 months now and is only having one sleep when at daycare. He is a mess with one sleep and although he probably could have gone to daycare some of this week, I just know he would be home again next week without some proper rest. So I have been putting him down for two sleeps all week. He is going down easily and not even too bad at night. So it seems to be working. But again, I am feeling guilty, if he is well enough to be in care – then he should be! But then I feel better knowing he is likely to be fully recovered by next Monday to start in care again.

Anyway, with this week off, then school holidays starts, crikey, I don’t feel like I am ever in the office. I will really have to be on my game to get the healthy eating and exercise down for next week for my shift of school holiday care with Little D.

I have been seeing my trainer irregularly and have not been to yoga for about three weeks! 20130403-103639 I am missing the yoga terribly, I am not looking forward to the slow progression back into it. But work for Big D is really out of control (where he comes home late and may be working at home until 1-2am each night) so it is hard to get away to make the class times. He leaves the house any time after 7am so my options for classes really are limited morning and night. It can be frustrating, but I am trying to keep my attitude in check.

Even though my training has really not been what I would like. I am trying to do it without a fixed program (ie no 12WBT for a bit (I was getting bored)). I really want to be driven by my own goals and desires, not by a timeline that has an imperative based on how much money I have spent! I have been looking around to see if there is anything else I can do locally that might give me more satisfaction, including swapping my Personal Trainer. I really want someone who is engaged with me, takes the time to know me and helps me to develop physically, mentally and with my knowledge. I have found a boxing coach locally who I really want to see, boxing is absolutely one of my favourite training options and I would love to do it properly. So I hope I can make some times to get to his classes and maybe use him as my PT?

Without wanting to get caught up in all the Political crap – I just want to say I am saddened by the removal of Julia Gillard last night. Sure, she didn’t get to the top job in the first place in the best way, but she was there post-election in 2010 having negotiated Labour’s way into Government. If Labour think rewarding Rudd for his conniving behaviour is the way to remain in power I think they are kidding themselves (or the Australian voters are as dopey the media portrays us). All this talk from ‘people on the streets’ in the media about how popular he is I think is bollocks, as is the talk about her ‘lying’ about the carbon tax – consider the circumstances of the govt, it wasn’t just her decision. The sooner this current batch of leaders is over the better. Personally I can’t stand listening to Rudd or Abbott.


A good weigh in and lunch circuits

My work this week has paid off, I have lost 1.2kg since the last weight in. Phew, a sigh of relief. So that means I lost all the weight I had put on last week plus a little more. That really makes me pleased.

20130317-200832I got to do the best circuit of the year at work on Tuesday. They are doing a fitness leader course and I think we got the benefits of their training. So it was a bit of an obstacle course that went around the outside of the gym. Here is how it went:

  • it started with a short sprint,
  • 10 wide arm pushups,
  • balance walk,
  • high knee runs on a crash mat,
  • ‘frog’ situps (wide legs, arms up),
  • gate vault over a rolled up matt,
  • then squats,
  • a climb up and across the railing that line the gym wall,
  • monkey bar (loved this I wasn’t sure I could do it, but seem to be in better form now than ever),
  • then pickup and run with a punching bag (just short shuttle run),
  • then jump overs, ladder on the floor (fast feet essentially), sit-ups, back down jump overs and ladder,
  • 10 burpees,
  • a coord exercise throwing a tennis ball with one hand at the wall and catching it with the other (this took about five goes to get it right then I was all good),
  • skipping,
  • another shuttle run, and
  • then back to the start!

It was so good, I just loved it. The cool thing was passing four men in the process. Since we started one after the other it was easy to see your progress. Now, although I did pas four blokes I will admit they are all probably older than me, so I probably should have passed more of them! I popped into the cardio room and managed another 15 mins on the cross trainer and bike to get me up to 500 cal.

In terms of Tightened Tuesday theme, I didn’t blitz it, but I certainly did better than last week. I guess that is why the scales were so kind to me. I do like the idea of having a ‘clean-ish’ day once a week. Last night while the kids had scrambled eggs and tuna bake (enticing isn’t it? Little L is so tired after a day in care, I cranked out the eggs to get him eating while the tuna bake cooked)TAS2463_FROZEN-MICROWAVE-RANGE_BOX_1L I just got some salmon from the freezer and had that with a bag of steamed veges. Sure they may not be fresh from the fridge all cut up with love and care by me, but it was quick and really tasty and I am sure would be ok for desperate 12WBT meal. If you haven’t tried this salmon it is really yum and not too big to overtake your meal calories.

Today I got in a circuit again at work (some would call this sick, but I do enjoy getting to exercise with other people and they are always different). Another new on with the following exercises:

  • 6 burpees the shuttle run,
  • 6 burpees, 8 upright row – press, shuttle run
  • 6 burpees, 8 upright row-press, 12 dead lift, shuttle run,
  • 6 burpees, 8 upright row-press, 12 dead lift, 10 frog sit-ups, shuttle run,
  • 6 burpees, 8 upright row-press, 12 dead lift, 10 frog sit-ups, 14 pushups, shuttle run
  • 6 burpees, 8 upright row-press, 12 dead lift, 10 frog sit-ups, 14 pushups, 16 supermans (each side then arms and legs), shuttle run
  • 6 burpees, 8 upright row-press, 12 dead lift, 10 frog sit-ups, 14 pushups, 16 supermans (each side then arms and legs = 1), 20 step ups with medicine ball above the head, shuttle run.

Once that was done, you then started to go back down dropping off exercises. So it was pretty intense. By the time I got a few extra stretches in there was 450 cal gone. I had to drive to the circuit but managed to fit it in with a shower before a meeting, very handy!

This afternoon I grabbed Little D and we went did kids yoga together. It was really lovely, it is nice to have the chance to do something with her rather than watch her (like most kids activities). I hope we will make it again next week. It just means a quick dinner when we don’t get to pick up Little L until after  5.15pm (I know that is early for many people who have a long way to drive or heavy traffic)! So a not so 12WBT friendly dinner of toasties. But not too much, they were popular so the kids kept stealing mine!

I hope your week is going as well as mine. Although, I wasn’t so happy this morning. Little L having a tantrum getting into the car and gave me a fat lip! Charming…..

A good week

I am feeling better about everything as the week comes to an end. I got to do a circuit on Tuesday at lunchtime, yoga on Thursday, my PT session Friday morning and hot yoga Saturday morning.

My Friday session with the new PT Scotties was all about gathering measurements. I was pleasantly surprised to have not really put on weight (my last weigh in I am sure was a fluke, so Friday was a good result for me). Having run out of time (we only have 30 mins) he took me for a quick and dirty circuit that really got me working. Has anyone used the suspended exercise straps? They were lowered right down and I had to do 30 seconds of mountain climbers with my feet in the straps – wow, that hurt! Then burpees, situps and a medicine ball circuit, 10 reps of each three (or four?) times through. I think it was only 10 mins, but it was very effective! Later when Little L was asleep I pulled out one of the old Michelle circuit DVDs and did that too. In the end I was revitalised and feeling less like a failure.

This isn't the exercise I was doing, but these are the straps and give you an idea.

This isn’t the exercise I was doing, but these are the straps and give you an idea.

Talking with Scottie I confirmed that I still want to lose around 5kg, but don’t want to aim for 65kg or anything where I have to work like a maniac to maintain it. Strange thing with this whole period of 12WBT and getting fit, is that I am still 5kg from my best fighting weight of 2010 (pre-Little L) but I am fitting into the new clothes I bought at that time. Back then I was doing more running and less of the 12WBT program. I think it goes to show the value in mixing up your training but more importantly the addition of all round strength training.

Saturday morning Big D took Little D and Little L to swimming lessons so I got to do another hot yoga session. On Thur there was a different instructor who I understand does more traditional yoga where each of the poses are done separately, where you adopt the pose, then go to another one. My class Saturday is more Vinyasa style (sorry to any yogis if I am using the wrong context) in the hot room. It is more moving from one position to the next in flowing movements (from all I can understand) and I just love it. It really makes you work and the perspiration seriously drips from your limbs. Today I really noticed a nicer feeling about me once I finished. I think this is something I would like to explore and keep up with. I think once my body starts to struggle with seriously intense exercise, this will do the trick.

I have become aware this week of how my whole life is affected by my exercise. I know that if I don’t fit it in, I am not nearly as patient with the kids. I am frustrated easily with everything. Fed up with myself and the world. No wonder Big D is being so accommodating!

In my last post I was complaining about having time to fit in all the exercise and after a very understanding comment from Carol to that post and a chat with Scottie, I may have to resign myself to less exercise sessions. 12WBT has six sessions a week and since coming back to work it has been really hard to do it. So if I plan it, perhaps five sessions a week, possibly with more intensity, this might be the way to go. Still getting results, just with a little less guilt and potentially more sleep. Of course my food is the main thing requiring a tidy up, being conscious about my decisions and making them the right ones……

Catch up and weigh in

I am back after a small absence, thanks to a technological issues and as usual time management problems!

Things are looking up, last week I did get to my hot yoga class on Thur, saw my new trainer for a session and completed the SSS on Saturday! All went really well. I am really enjoying the yoga and even managed to take my Little D to a kids class today. My class was a little different where the instructor showed us some fancier poses, she is impressive to watch. I did manage my first ‘hands only’ pose that should look something like this…Image  My attempt certainly wasn’t this graceful, but you get the idea. I did manage to get my feet off the floor, so I was happy with that.

The new trainer (Scottie) was kind enough to treat me to a boxing session on Friday nice and early. It was good to be back. He worked me hard and seemed pleased with my efforts, my previous trainer told him not to go easy on me! Scottie had me doing different combinations than I hadn’t used before and made me chase him around the floor to move my feet. I think the footwork in boxing is the hardest thing. My punches are ok (I think) but my feet are just terrible. I hope we do more of it so I can improve my technique.

Today was weigh in day in what is week 4 of 12WBT Session 1 of 2013. Can’t believe I have wasted at least two weeks of the opportunity. Anyway, after a sad weigh in last week (where I had put on a kilo since my last weigh in) my notoriously unpredictable body (when it comes to weight measurement) has lost more than that kilo this week! WTF? So I can proudly say I have broken the 74kg barrier. It might have been my modified accelerator day yesterday that did it for me. I am still letting myself down massively on the food front, so I won’t take much credit. Who knows, tomorrow morning I may be a kilo heavier!

So I effort have had my first proper ‘week’ at work (all three days of it) and didn’t manage to get in my workout on Monday. I think I may need to make that my rest day, purely because of the mania that hits the house as we all try to get out the door on a Monday morning. Now if I was working a normal military day I would be able to fit in my training at work, but since I do school drop off it is a bit late. Prior to my last pregnancy I was able to train nearly every morning, getting to work a little early and fitting in great sessions in time to be at my desk by 9am.

Today I resolved to take advantage of the lunchtime circuit since I didn’t workout this morning. The PTI (Physical Training Instructor) had us do sets of 20-15-10-20 starting with ab exercises (so crunches x 20, reverse crunches x 20, bicycle x 20) three times through, then go and do 20 of the arm exercises (dips, pushups, rope heaves, chest press and lunges). Repeat with 15, then 10 then 20 again. It was quick (all over in 30 mins) and hard work (450 cals by the time I ran to the car). Although I was disappointed with my pushup showing, I loved it. It is satisfying knowing that I have got myself fit enough to participate well and more than keep up with everyone else. I am looking forward to doing more of them to mix up my training.

On a roll and talking Physical Trainers

Another workout done today while Little L was a sleep (no surprise when he woke before I got out of the house for my planned run). It is barely light here at 6am, so it is getting harder to fit in a run. What is most exciting is that I also fit in my planned Hot Yoga tonight. My first time and all I can say is ‘ouch and invigorating’. Talk about sweat, the room is heated to 34 degrees (I think) and it is much more active than the other classes I took. There were lots of tricep pushups, plank, and whacky stretching. I did my first ‘flip’ (a backwards balance thing that I can’t replicate!) and felt like I was about to break when the instructor adjusted me in a stretch. But I feel great, having done something new, without it being before dawn. Happy me. I am feeling back on the exercise track. Onwards and upwards.

Or for me today, two workouts stronger than yesterday. : )

Or for me today, two workouts stronger than yesterday. : )

Prior to Christmas I was seeing a PT, Matt who was thrashing me for 30 mins every week. I was really enjoying it and seeing some real progress. But since that time, I have been doing all of my own workouts through the 12WBT program. We had been trying to line up a session, but his commitments have changed and he has no time available for me. I had been thinking about canning my gym membership, given I am only using the membership for the PT sessions and not using the gym or the classes at any other time. With the 12WBT  program I didn’t need to get any more of a program from a PT so it feels a bit of a waste.

After realising that we were not going to be able to find a time slot we can both make, he passed my name onto another PT who I will see next Friday. I only have two sessions left and I want to use them now, rather than suspend the membership and find I never go back. I have seen him training other people and I think he will be good, he is also a little older (no offence, but I don’t think people in their early 20’s generally get some of the life pressures of us older types!). I think I will see how we go and then look at suspending this membership and either just stick with the program at home or join another gym. These guys just don’t have the opening times that work for me, not opening until 8am on the weekend! I like to finish my workout by then, not get started!

The trainer I had in Canberra used to have one hour sessions which I managed at 6am, both Big D and I were seeing her each week (independently of each other). She helped me get through my pregnancy with Little L in good form, where I was still running until around 6 months. The hour session really gave an opportunity for her to talk to us both about the session but also about life in general. At that time there were a whole bunch of issues going on in my extended family and she was so great to talk to. I really miss that, the 30 mins sessions give no opportunity for debriefing about the training you have finished or about discussing progress.

So I guess the search for variation in training continues for me. I will see how these two sessions go with the new PT. Then either buy up some more session or find somewhere else to go. I love the program within 12WBT, but a PT helps to really challenge me and I don’t get to pick the workout. Always, good to keep you guessing!


I have finally completed my first yoga class. Yes, I blogged about it more than a week ago (two weeks?) and I think I have been wanting to do yoga for more than ten years (as a rough guess). Now this afternoon I finally got my backside on the mat. I really can be a completely pathetic human when it comes to doing new things, but it felt so good to finally do it.

I hope to work out what all the talk is about,I have a cousin who is an instructor, she is just so zen(!). All upright, calm and composed. I hope to emulate her just a little bit. Maybe even manage a class with her in Melbourne sometime? Now that would be stepping out of my comfort zone. I really like the idea of doing yoga for meditation and getting back in touch with my body, but I am sure that will only happen once I can stop peaking at the instructor to work out what the hell she is telling me to do.

It was good, my body was grateful for the stretch and I now have a ten class pass so plan to go every week. I just have to work out when I can get there. With work starting Monday week I am not sure Sunday afternoon will be best, but hey, if it is the best class to fit in then so be it.

This could be the start of something awesome!

SSS and a heat wave

This horrendous heat is really making the holidays a drag. It is too hot to do anything! I managed to complete the SSS this morning, starting around 6 am. It was a good circuit, I really liked not having to use any equipment but I was especially pleased to finish the 2min mountain climber intervals! They rate about as highly as burpees for me. In the end chewing up a bit over 700 cals, which for me is pretty good. Given how much weight I have to lose I can’t believe how much work I have to do to use up calories. I obviously need to apply myself some more?

The good thing is actually doing it on the Sat I can have no alarm set for tomorrow morning. All going well the kids will sleep in for me?

I haven’t managed to do Friday’s core and stretch program which I am really keen to do. I am not sure why, but I have only done one of those sessions properly this round. No wonder my flexibility is not really going anywhere. Perhaps I can get 40 mins tomorrow to lock myself in a room to get it done.

A new Yoga Centre has opened up here in locally which I am keen to give a go. I have been wanting to do Yoga for such a long time, but have not quite got there. I think I would benefit from the quiet contemplative time, assuming I find the right style. The major problem for me is the timing of classes. So as they reopen the studio at the end of this week I am determined to get there to give it a try, no excuses. All going well I will manage regular classes once we get into the swing of the real new year. Fingers crossed for me.

Here in North East Victoria the heat hangs around much longer than it does in Canberra. We are expecting to have 40+ until Tuesday! When we got here last year we were still in an apartment when it was really hot, so we had awesome air conditioning. Although we have evaporative cooling we are all really struggling with cabin fever, it is times like these I do really miss large shopping centres!

Being creative with Little D to beat the heat.

Being creative with Little D to beat the heat.

In order to break the monotony of the heat we went out for breakfast yesterday. Great idea to get out early, except, we didn’t get there until 9am and they were short staffed, so we didn’t get our food until nearly 10am! Don’t they know we are on a tight schedule?! With a 16 month old, we are the ticking time bomb of diners. The waiting time seriously tested us and I was on the verge of telling them to keep their food. In the end the food was disappointing, the heat was rising, Big D and I struggled to keep Little L amused (even with a bag full of well considered goodies) as as we tried to hurry Little D to finish off her food to make our escape, Big D and I wondering why we bothered.

Another way to get some relief from the 42 degree heat.

Another way to get some relief from the 42 degree heat.

So to another 42 degree day tomorrow, what will we manage to keep us all content? I might have peaked in my inventiveness with the playdough reef and paddle pool with balls. Can’t expect any suggestions from Big D, he is a sook with the heat just like the kids!